35 Best Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall is a magical time of the year, full of vibrant colours and cosy moments. It’s also the perfect time to get creative with some fun and easy fall crafts with your little ones.

Crafting, after all, helps kids develop their dexterity but also encourages them to use their imagination and express themselves – not to mention that it makes up for some quality family bonding.

From leaves and acorns to pumpkins and sticks, we’ve handpicked 35 best fall crafts for kids that are sure to keep them entertained in the holidays!

35 Delightful Fall Crafts For Toddlers & Middle Schoolers

Fall Crafts for Kids

1. Leaf Paintings

Credits: The Best Ideas For Kids

Collect some fallen leaves and use them as stamps with autumnal-coloured paints.

2. Apple Stamping

Credits: Made To Be A Momma

Cut apples in half, dip them in paint, and use them as stamps to make fun apple-shaped prints on paper.

3. Twig Rafts

Credits: Scouts.org.uk

Bind twigs together with string and sail them in a stream or basin tub.

4. Acorn Cap Whistles

Credits: Instructables

Gather acorn caps and attach them to the ends of small sticks with hot glue. Blow gently into the caps to make whistling sounds.

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5. Pumpkin Seed Art

Credits: Fun-A-Day

After carving a pumpkin, save pumpkin seeds and use them to create intricate designs on paper with glue.

6. Corn Husk Dolls

Credits: Pink Stripey Socks

Fold and braid dried corn husks to create charming little dolls. Add cute facial features with markers or small pieces of fabric.

7. Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Credits: Debbie Chapman | One Little Project

Spread peanut butter on a pine cone and roll it in birdseed. Hang it outside and watch as birds flock to enjoy a tasty treat.

8. Clay Leaf Bowls

Credits: My Eclectic Treasures

Press leaves into clay to create decorative bowls with the leaf patterns imprinted.

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9. Cereal Fall Trees

Credits: OurKidThings

Glue cereal pieces onto a tree-shaped paper to represent leaves.

10. Coffee Filter Turkeys

Credits: Darcy and Brian

Colour coffee filters with markers and use them to create turkey plumage.

11. Cinnamon Stick Bundles

Credits: Dried Flower Craft

Tie cinnamon sticks together with twine to make fragrant bundles that add a cosy touch to your fall décor.

12. Acorn Necklaces

Credits: Hedgecraft

Paint acorns in bright colours, drill a small hole and string them onto a necklace for a fashionable fall accessory.

13. Leafy Hedgehogs

Credits: Leanne Guenther | DLTK Kids

Ask your toddlers to gather some fallen leaves, glue them onto paper, and draw cute hedgehog faces to bring these leafy creatures to life.

14. Leaf Rubbings

Credits: FirstPalette

Place leaves under paper and rub crayons over the top to reveal the intricate designs.

15. Apple Pom-Pom Garland

Credits: Raising Up Rubies

Make pom-poms in red, green, and yellow colours and string them together with yarn to create a playful apple-themed garland.

16. Turkey Windsocks

Credits: Heidi Kundin | Happiness is Homemade

Some old tin cans with feathers, ribbons, and googly eyes are all you need to make your flock of turkey-themed windsocks!

17. Cupcake Liner Owl

Credits: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Got some spare cupcake liners hanging around? Transform them into adorable owls with just a few simple folds! Add some paint for extra flair, and craft a branch out of craft paper for them to perch on.

18. Mason Jar Mummies

Credits: Jereann Zann | Celiac Mama

Wrap mason jars in gauze and add googly eyes to make mummies. Perfect for the Halloween times!

19. Egg Carton Spiders

Credits: KiwiCo

Paint egg carton sections and add pipe cleaners to make spooky little harmless spiders.

20. Leaf Lanterns

Credits: Mud & Bloom

Cover jars with autumn leaves and Mod Podge to create beautiful lanterns.

21. Fall Suncatchers

Credits: The Best Ideas For Kids

Arrange colourful fall leaves between two sheets of laminating paper and iron them together to make beautiful suncatchers that capture the sunlight.

22. Fall Leaf Wreath

Credits: Craft Corner DIY

Collect colourful leaves and glue them onto a cardboard ring to make a festive fall wreath. Add a bow for some extra charm.

23. Paper Plate Scarecrow

Credits: The Keeper of the Cheerios, LLC

This paper-plate scarecrow is perfect for even the tiniest crafters! And for an extra fun touch, add a plastic spider to really make him stand out.

24. Harvest Sensory Bin

Credits: Fireflies & Mud Pies

Fill a large container with dried corn kernels, small pumpkins, gourds, and other fall-themed items for a sensory-rich play experience.

25. Pumpkin Bowling

Credits: Wunder-Mom

Paint empty tin cans or plastic bottles to look like cartoon ghosts or jack-o’-lanterns and set them up for a fun game of pumpkin bowling using a small pumpkin-shaped ball.

26. Felted Acorns

Credits: Sparkle Stories

Wrap wool roving around acorns and felt them into colourful decorations.

27. Twig Picture Frames

Credits: HGTV

Decorate picture frames with twigs and leaves for a rustic look.

28. Leaf Silhouette

Credits: The Best Ideas For Kids

Use art supplies from your craft closet to decorate your leaf art! Feel free to use glitter paper, washi tape, or yarn, but painting the background also works.

29. Craft Stick Crows

Credits: Crafts By Amanda

This fall, keep an eye out for crows, and why not have the kids make their own to play with or use as seasonal decor? All you need are craft sticks, googly eyes, and black feathers, among a few other materials.

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30. Burlap Table Runner

Credits: Angie Holden | The Country Chic Cottage

Decorate a piece of burlap with fabric leaves and stencils to create a holiday-themed table runner.

31. Cereal Box Turkey

Credits: Crafts By Amanda

Ask your toddlers to turn that empty cereal box into a turkey! Then let them jot down what they’re grateful for on the DIY feathers.

32. Foil Printed Fall Tree Art

Credits: Emma Owl

Aluminium foil has many uses. For crafters, it’s perfect for drawings, sculptures, and creating printed leaves for your DIY tree.

33. Pumpkin Spice Playdough

Credits: Small + Friendly

Let your young ones make their own playdough with a delightful pumpkin spice scent for sensory fun!

34. Paper Roll Foxes

Credits: Mommy Made That

Make adorable foxes using toilet paper rolls and coloured paper.

35. Salt Dough Leaf Impressions

Credits: That Artist Woman

Take leaf art to the next level with these salt-dough leaf impressions! Not only is it a creative activity, but it also inspires kids to join you on a nature walk.

It’s Crafting Time!

Get into the holiday spirit with burlap table runners and turkey windsocks, or enjoy spooky Halloween crafts like mason jar mummies and egg carton spiders. And don’t forget about all the leaf-themed DIYs we’ve included here!

These amazing fall crafts for kids are fun, easy to make, and a great way to explore the textures, colours, and symbols of the fall season.

All you need besides the outdoor finds are basic supplies like paper, paint, glue and whatever else you may have in your kitchen or craft box. So, spend less time hunting for materials and more DIY crafting with your little ones!

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