20 Traditional Quilt Patterns to Inspire Your Next Project

Quilting is a craft passed down through generations. It’s a cosy blend of art and history; every stitch tells a story. It’s a timeless tradition that combines creativity with practicality, resulting in beautiful patterns that have stood the test of time.

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or picking up needlework for the first time, we’ve curated a list of 20 traditional quilt patterns that will inspire your next quilting project.

20 Traditional Quilt Patterns You’ll Love

1. Log Cabin

Credits: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

A classic design that represents the home, with a central square symbolising the hearth and strips around it representing the walls.

2. Bear Paw

Credits: Jean Hurtado @ Pinterest

Resembling the paw prints of a bear, this pattern is a nod to nature and the wilderness.

3. Double Wedding Ring

Credits: The Cloth Parcel

Interlocking rings symbolise love and commitment, making this pattern a popular gift for couples.

4. Dresden Plate

Credits: The Spruce Crafts

A floral design that radiates from the center, often using various fabric scraps for a vibrant look.

5. Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Credits: susies-scraps.com

Hexagons pieced together to resemble a charming flower garden.

6. Pinwheel

Credits: The Polka Dot Chair

Simple and playful, this pattern uses triangles to create the illusion of spinning motion.

7. Ohio Star

Credits: HerKentucky LLC

A block with a star at its centre, surrounded by squares and triangles, representing the night sky.

8. Mariner’s Compass

Credits: Patchwork n Play

Pointed stars and circular shapes evoke the navigational instrument used by sailors.

9. Lone Star

Credit: Material Girl Quilts

A large, multicoloured star that stands out as the centrepiece of the quilt.

10. Storm at Sea

Credits: Bramble Patch

A complex pattern of squares and diamonds that creates a dynamic, wavy effect.

11. Basket

Credits: Debra Harry | Quiltingartist

Weaved strips form a basket shape, often filled with floral designs.

12. Churn Dash

Credits: Amy Smart | Diary of a Quilter

A simple geometric pattern that resembles a butter churn, reflecting the pioneer days.

13. Sunbonnet Sue

Credits: Sewingiseasy

A character appliqué that features a bonneted girl, often engaged in everyday activities.

14. Irish Chain

Credits: Stacey-Lee

Diagonal lines form chains across the quilt, a pattern that can range from simple to intricate.

15. Orange Peel

Credits: Gigi’s Thimble

Interlocking shapes that resemble the peel of an orange, often set against a contrasting background.

16. Tumbling Blocks

Credits: The Cloth Parcel

Three-dimensional cubes that appear to tumble across the quilt surface.

17. Drunkard’s Path

Credits: pamelajeannestudio

Curved piecing creates a sense of movement, with a name that hints at a meandering journey.

18. Baltimore Album

Credits: Sewgrateful Quilts

Appliquéd blocks each tell a story, often with floral, animal, or traditional motifs.

19. Rail Fence

Credits: Amy Smart | Diary of a Quilter

Strips of fabric are arranged to resemble a wooden rail fence, often in a zigzag pattern.

20. Flying Geese     

Credits: The Spruce Crafts

Triangles in formation, symbolising birds in flight and the change of seasons.

Whether you’re a veteran quilter or just dipping your toes into the craft, these 20 traditional quilt patterns offer a wonderful starting point for your next project. These patterns aren’t just for quilts; you can adapt them for table runners, wall hangings, and more. Each one carries a story and a beauty both ancient and ever-new. All it needs is your personal touch!

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