30 Free Baby Quilt Patterns to Sew for Boys & Girls

So you’re going to be an aunt/uncle? Make a gift that’ll last a lifetime! There’s nothing quite like an adorable, handmade quilt for a new little one.

It’s cuddly, keeps them warm, and becomes a cherished keepsake that will be held dear for years to come. Plus, making your own baby quilt is a creative and thoughtful way to show you care.

Here are 30 free baby quilt patterns to sew for bouncing baby boys and precious little girls, perfect for beginners and seasoned stitchers alike.

These range from quick and easy prints to more adventurous designs, so you can find one that fits your skill and preference. Let’s get to it!

30 Charming Baby Quilt Patterns For Baby Boys & Girls

Baby Quilt Patterns

1. Corazon Flannels

Corazon Flannels
Credits: Erin Michael | Fat Quarter Shop

Flannel is soft for delicate baby skin. This heartwarming pattern uses flannel fabrics in soothing colours for a calming effect.

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2. 101 Dalmatians Chevron

Credits: Camelot Design Studio | Fat Quarter Shop

This playful pattern features a chevron design with everyone’s favourite spotted pups.

3. Baby Four Patch Crib

Credits: Amy Smart | Diary of a Quilter

A classic patchwork design with endless customisation possibilities! Play with colours and patterns to create a one-of-one quilt for the little one.

4. Two by Two Receiving Blanket

Credits: The Jolly Jabber

Short on time? This quick and easy pattern creates a cosy receiving blanket with minimal fuss.

5. Strippy Stars

Credits: Sweet Potato Quilts

Love stripes? This quilt pattern combines them with bright, cheerful stars scattered across for a quilt bursting with personality. It’s a bit more advanced but totally worth the effort for its stunning look.

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6. Patchwork Hearts

Credits: Quilty Love

Spread the love! This charming pattern uses heart-shaped patchwork blocks, perfect for a sweet and sentimental quilt.

7. Honeycomb Delight

Credits: u/NoUserFound404 @ Reddit

This hexagonal pattern creates a beautiful honeycomb effect. These are fantastic picks for a modern nursery.

8. Monkey Business

Credits: Granny Maud’s Girl

Go wild with this playful pattern featuring monkeys peeking out from multicoloured squares of fabric.

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9. Pixelated Animals

Credits: Wendy Hawthorne Ewing @ Pinterest

This pattern’s got adorable pixelated animals in a cheerful colour scheme. A stellar choice for those techie parents out there!

10. Scrappy Trip Around the World 

Credits: Darcy Quilts

Got a stash of leftover fabrics? Put them to good use with this scrappy quilt pattern perfect for beginners and those picking up a needle for the first time in a long while.

11. Jelly Roll Race

Credits: Blair Stocker | Wisecraft

Quick and easy, this quilt is made using pre-cut strips of fabric, known as jelly rolls. Perfect if you need a gift in a hurry!

12. Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Credits: Grace and Peace Quilting

Soft pastels and gentle motifs like suns and clouds make this quilt wonderfully calming.

13. Happy Rainbow Stripes

Credits: Leila Gardunia

Simple stripes in rainbow colours make this quilt a bright and happy addition to any baby’s room.

14. Alphabets

Credits: domino89 | Instructables

This educational and colourful quilt features the alphabet, helping baby learn while staying cosy. Sure, this isn’t any ordinary quilt you can stitch up in a matter of a few hours, but the end result is worth the effort!

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15. Candyshop

Credits: Zen Chic | Fat Quarter Shop

Sweet like candy, this quilt uses vibrant pastel colours all the little ones love. Feel free to add some candy motifs for a delightful touch!

16. One Yard Wonder

Credits: Leila Gardunia

This whimsical design by Leila Gardunia uses large pieced fabrics of fun colours and patterns, ideal for showing off those adorable novelty fabrics in your collection.

17. Animal Parade

Credits: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Add some fun with adorable animal appliqués. This one’s great for a playful touch that any little one will love.

18. Flying “Baby” Geese

Credits: Jacquelynne Steves

These geese aren’t flying south, they’re landing on a cuddly quilt! This classic quilt block pattern made from colourful fabric triangles is surprisingly easy for beginners and creates a stunning geometric design.

19. Moon and Stars

Credits: Quilting Daily

Soft blues, yellows, and greys with moons and stars make this quilt dreamy and serene.

20. Garden Blooms

Credits: Jemima | Tied with a Ribbon

Bright flowers and garden critters bring this quilt to life. Perfect for a spring or summer baby!

21. Charm Pack Playhouse

Credit: The Stitching Scientist

Charm packs are pre-cut squares of fabric, perfect for beginners! This free pattern uses them to create a charming playhouse scene.

22. Playtime Pinwheels

Credits: Ariga Mahmoudlou | Robert Kaufman Fabrics

This playful pattern features pinwheel blocks of various colours for a quilt that’s sure to spark a baby’s imagination.

23. Dino-Mite

Credits: Jocelyn Ueng | Fat Quarter Shop

Is it a dinosaur or a kite? This fun pattern combines playful dinos with a kite design in a vibrant colour palette.

24. Cute Whales

Credits: I Love Quilting Forever

A perfect pattern for a nautical nursery! This design features whales, waves, and anchors in shades of blue, green, off-white, and some more in between!

25. Snuggle Bunny 

Credits: Kate Webber | Gathered

We can’t get over how adorable this bunny quilt is! Featuring a cuddly bunny appliqué with soft, floppy ears, it’s made even sweeter with a patchwork panel on its tummy.

Made with spring-inspired fabrics, it’s the perfect way to welcome a brand-new little bunny lover.

26. Maypole

u/burgerbride @ Reddit

This is another fast and easy baby quilt pattern that is good for beginners. The Maypole pattern works well with various fabrics, such as double gauze or flannel.

The quilt is made by sewing large strips of fabric together into four blocks.

However, quilting with double gauze requires special techniques to prevent fraying.

27. Space Rocket

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield | SewCanShe

Calling all future astronauts! This pattern features a bold rocket ship design with stars scattered in between, suitable for a cute explorer.

Keep it simple with just a few one-yard fabric pieces of solid colours (the one in the credits) or choose fabrics with stars, planets, and spaceships to create a truly out-of-this-world quilt!

28. Simple Nine-Patch

Credits: Simple Simon & Company

A classic baby quilt pattern for beginners to sew. It’s a great way to learn basic piecing techniques and use up some of your fabric scraps. You can use any combination of colours and fabrics to create a unique quilt for the little one.

29. Puffy Pillows

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield | SewCanShe

This quilt stands out with its puffy, pillow-like squares that create a cosy and textured feel. Perfect for tummy time or a soft place to play, it’s as comfy as it’s cute.

30. Bow Tie

Credits: Taryn | Repro Quilt Lover

This charming quilt features a series of bow tie blocks that give it a classic yet whimsy look. This pattern works great with bold and pastel fabrics.

Quilt with Love!

There you go! 30 free baby quilt patterns for every style and skill level, waiting to be sewn. With a little planning and some sewing magic, you can create an adorable, handmade gift that will bring a smile to any little one’s face and warmth to their heart.

Don’t fret to add your personal touches – after all, the most special part is the love you’ll pour into every stitch.

Now that you’ve got a whole toolbox full of ideas, let us know which pattern you’re picking up for your next quilt in the comments!

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