25 Easy Quilt Blocks That Look Difficult

Have you ever been dazzled by a quilt with complex patterns, wondering if it must have taken ages to create? If you think there’s no way you could achieve such a masterpiece, well… think again!

Many stunning quilt designs are actually made from surprisingly simple blocks. Ask a professional quilter with years of experience and they’d agree too! These little gems of construction come together quickly and easily, with the finished product boasting an impressive look.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to impress or an experienced quilter seeking some quick projects, here are 25 easy quilt blocks that will have you fooling everyone with your sewing prowess.

25 Simple & Stunning Quilt Blocks Anyone Can Make

Easy Quilt Blocks That Look Difficult

1. Shoofly

Credits: Elaine Huff | fabric406

A delightful block with a playful name, Shoofly uses half-square triangles (HSTs), a fundamental piecing technique, to achieve a charming pinwheel effect.

2. Card Trick

Credits: Lynn Woll | Create Whimsy

This block creates the illusion of overlapping cards and is surprisingly straightforward once you understand the placement of the smaller squares.

3. Maple Leaf

Credits: Amy Smart | Diary of a Quilter

This quintessential fall motif is a breeze to construct with just a few squares and triangles. Perfect for adding touches of autumn on cosy throws!

4. Orange Peel

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield | Sew Can She

The Orange Peel block involves appliquéing petal-like shapes onto a background square. They make your stitches appear more intricate than they are.

5. Irish Chain

Credits: Becky Smith | Bobbin in Quilts

Complex? Not a chance! The Irish Chain utilises simple squares, with some clever cutting and piecing to create a mesmerising woven pattern. Ideal for a sophisticated quilt.

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6. Snowball

Credits: Leslie | The Seasoned Homemaker

A simple square block with triangles at the corners. It gives the illusion of a circle within the square.

7. Rail Fence

Credits: The Jolly Jabber

With multi-coloured fabric strips placed in a zigzag pattern, it’s a beginner-friendly block that offers a lot of visual interest.

8. Jacob’s Ladder

Credits: DIY Tutorial Ideas!

This is truly a striking block that alternates between light and dark fabrics to achieve a stepping-stone effect.

9. Tumbling Leaves

Credits: Julie Cefalu | The Crafty Quilter

Celebrate the fall season with these vibrant leaf blocks! These autumnal beauties are made with vibrant squares and rectangles pieced together.

10. Monkey Wrench

Credits: Julie Baird | Generations Quilt Patterns

Don’t worry, no tools are required! It’s another fun block that uses squares and rectangles to create a playful wrench design, perfect for a child’s quilt.

11. Courthouse Steps

Credits: Rachel | Wooden Spoon Quilts

Don’t be intimidated by the name! Courthouse Steps features squares and rectangles arranged in a stepped formation, creating a captivating geometric pattern with a sense of direction and movement.

12. Dresden Plate

Credits: LeahDay.com

With its floral design, the Dresden Plate might appear as a difficult stitch, but it’s actually just a series of wedges sewn together, often with a simple appliqué at the centre.

13. Basket Weave

Credits: Made By Sue @ YouTube

It mimics the crisscross pattern of a woven basket and is created by alternating the direction of rectangular blocks.

14. Broken Dishes

Credits: Susie Stuklis | susies-scraps.com

Playful and vibrant, Broken Dishes has this charming mosaic effect achieved with just a few squares and rectangles. It’s a golden opportunity to use all your favourite fabric scraps in a single piece!

15. Hourglass

Credits: Rachel | Adventures of a DIY Mom

Create a timeless look with this block, made by sewing together triangles to form a classic hourglass shape. It’s a simple yet elegant addition to any quilt design.

16. Ombre Heart

Credits: Julie Cefalu | The Crafty Quilter

By arranging fabric strips in varying shades of colour, you can create a stunning gradient effect that forms the shape of a heart. It’s a charming and easy way to infuse your quilt with love and warmth.

17. Celtic Twist 

Credits: Starwood Quilter

Find the essence of intricate Celtic knotwork with this block. Though it looks complex, it’s constructed by sewing together strips of fabric in a clever interlocking pattern.

18. Prismatic Medallion

Credits: Kitty Wilkin | Night Quilter

This stunning block showcases vibrant colours in a captivating geometric design made with triangles of varying, shapes, sizes, and patterns. The prismatic effect is easier to pull off than it seems!

19. Grandmother’s Fan

Credits: Anita Shackelford

This classic block might look like a great deal of effort, but it’s made with half-square triangle units, requiring simple straight cuts and a bit of clever folding tricks. Neat for showing off floral or patterned fabrics.

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20. Lady of the Lake

Credits: Amanda | Material Girl Quilts

Capture the serene beauty of a lakeside retreat with the Lady of the Lake block. This elegant block uses half-square triangles to create a picturesque design. It’s straightforward to assemble and is perfect for showcasing contrasting fabrics.

21. Herringbone

Credits: Molli Sparkles

Simple rectangles sewn in a staggered, zigzag pattern create a sophisticated chevron pattern. Suitable if you wish to add a sleek visual texture to your quilt.

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22. Labyrinth

Credits: Hatun Comak | My Patchworld

Don’t get lost in the piecing! This block features a winding, maze-like design by cleverly placing squares and rectangles in a fixed pattern. It might look difficult at first glance, but it’s shockingly simple to piece together.

23. LeMoyne Star

Credits: Quilts by Jen

It may appear complex with its sharp points, but it’s just a matter of sewing together diamond shapes!

24. Seesaw

Credits: Julie Baird | Generations Quilt Patterns

At first glance, the seesaw block may seem complicated with its pinwheel centre and flying geese edges. However, it’s just a variation of a four-patch. Made up of squares and rectangles, this block is simpler to craft than it appears, making it a fun addition to any quilt.

25. Tessellation

Credits: Rita Hodge | Red Pepper Quilts

Tessellation is a type of quilting that uses geometric shapes, like squares, triangles and hexagons, to create a repeating pattern with no gaps or overlaps.

The complexity of this design comes from the variety of fabrics used and the way they are arranged, rather than requiring expert piecing techniques. This makes it a great quilt for quilters of all levels!

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Art of Illusion

So there you have it – an expansive list of 25 quilt blocks that may look like a tough nut to crack, but in reality, they’re as easy as pie!

Now, with all these elegant, playful patterns in your repertoire, don’t let their appearances intimidate you. Some patience and basic sewing skills are all you need to tackle these blocks like a pro! Just fire up your sewing machine and let your creativity run wild. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

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