15 Inspiring & Funny Nursing Graduation Cap Ideas

Graduation day is almost here for all you amazing nurses-to-be! It’s time to celebrate all those late nights studying, the endless cups of coffee, and countless clinical rotations. Now it’s time to say goodbye to ramen noodles and hello to… well, more ramen noodles (but hopefully with a bigger paycheck!).

Before you trade in your scrubs for your cap and gown and officially join the ranks of amazing nurses, deck out those graduation caps with some inspiration! Whether you’re scrambling for last-minute ideas or just want to add a little pizazz, get ready because we’ve got 15 creative nursing graduation cap ideas to celebrate your accomplishments and stand out from the crowd.

15 Nursing Graduation Caps That Will Inspire You

Nursing Graduation Caps

1. Sticker Bomb

Credits: Lelelines @ Pinterest

Feeling crafty but short on time? Consider a “sticker bomb” design for your graduation cap!

Cover your cap with a variety of nursing-themed stickers. From stethoscopes and syringes to medical caducei (the staff with two snakes!), there’s a sticker for every nursing speciality. A funny message or quote will add to the fun. Just pick your favourites and start sticking! You can create a random collage or arrange them in a specific pattern – it’s all up to you.

2. Heart Beat Theme

Credits: Three Twenty Nine Co.

This classic design goes straight to the heart of what nursing is all about – the steady pulse of care, compassion, and dedication. It’s a simple yet powerful way to represent your passion for the profession on graduation day.

And hey, you can even add a fun twist to personalise it – a confetti explosion at the peak, a tiny stethoscope resting on the line, or maybe even a pair of wings!

3. Veni, vidi, vici

Credits: taylorroseryn @ X

This grad cap gets straight to the point – you did it! From showing up for class to caring for patients to documenting everything in between, this simple and sassy message is a fun way to mark your accomplishment.

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4. Baymax Cap

Credits: paperandpoppyco @ Etsy

Calling all Big Hero 6 fans! This adorable grad cap features Baymax, the inflatable healthcare robot, ready to lend a hand (or an arm!). Whether you dream of working in paediatrics or just love Baymax’s compassionate nature, this cap is a fun way to show off your love for nursing.

5. “In My Graduate Era” Taylor Swift Cap

Credits: MeadowlarkBluebird @ Etsy

Swifties are going to love this one. This grad cap isn’t afraid to “shake it off” and celebrate with a Taylor Swift reference. It captures the excitement of the special day and your love for music. Who says you can’t be a future nurse and a huge Queen Tay fan?

6. Game of Thrones

Credits: haileyrabbit @ Instagram

Game of Scones… er, Scrubs! This graduation cap combines a classic GoT quote with a nursing twist. Perfect for the grad who isn’t afraid to get things done, and maybe channel your inner Arya while you’re at it. After all, you’ve definitely conquered your fair share of challenges to get here!

7. SpongeBob-Themed Graduation Cap

Credits: u/sm1ttywerber @ Reddit

This hilarious grad cap takes a classic SpongeBob skit and gives it a nursing school twist. Whether you crammed for exams all night or felt a little lost at sea at times, this cap perfectly captures the ups and downs of nursing school.

And hey, even though it wasn’t exactly boating school, you made it through – you’re a nurse now!

8. Inspiring Quote Grad Cap

Source: Blue Home DIY

Graduation is a time to reflect on your journey and look ahead. Find your why with an inspirational quote that motivated you throughout nursing school.

The quote can be something about the importance of caring for others, the strength you find in helping them, or one that resonates with your compassion and dedication to your job. It’ll inspire you and those around you as you embark on your nursing career!

9. OB Nurse Graduation Cap

Credits: Kelsey Magenheimer @ Pinterest

Delivering smiles (and babies!) This grad cap is a fun way for soon-to-be OB nurses to show off their speciality! It’s sure to get a few chuckles and is the perfect opportunity to showcase your excitement about entering the field of obstetrics!

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10. Psych-Pun

Credits: Rachel Bernz @ Pinterest

This punny grad cap is perfect to show off your sense of humour and your chosen field.  The wordplay is a clever nod to the challenges of mental health nursing.

This one’s also gonna get quite a few snaps from your fellow graduates, letting everyone know you’re ready to tackle anything that comes your way!

11. Pokémon-Themed Cap

Credits: u/theshark_rn @ Reddit

“Gotta catch treat ’em all / It’s you and me / I know it’s my destiny…”

Just like becoming a Pokémon master takes dedication and perseverance, so does becoming a nurse. This grad cap is a perfect example of how to combine your love of Pokémon with your passion for nursing. Time to bring out your inner Chansey out of the Poké Ball!

12. Mini Scrubs

Credits: StayProudly @ Etsy

Rock a “scrubs” grad cap! This cute design recreates the look of scrubs on your graduation cap, a cool way to celebrate your journey and show off your excitement for your new career. Personalise it with your favourite colour to make it truly you.

13. BSN Gem

Credits: j_e_n_n_a_l @ Instagram

This dazzling graduation cap is ideal for the BSN grad who wants to shine. It’s covered in sparkling acrylic gemstones and topped with a bowtie for an extra touch of flair. Imagine how it will catch the sunlight as you walk across the stage!


Credits: StayProudly @ Etsy

Celebrate your achievement with this playful graduation cap that says it all: “Earned It!” The text cleverly incorporates the “RN” in “Earned” to highlight your new status as a Registered Nurse. The geometric design on this is easy to reproduce yet looks quite classy.

15. Feline Fine

Credits: iamcat @ X

For all the fellow vets – this grad’s rocking a paw print! This cat-themed cap will express your love for animals while celebrating your exciting journey into the veterinarian world, ready to help heal and comfort our furry companions with care and kindness.

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Capping It Off

Alrighty, that wraps up our list of 15 awesome ideas to deck out your nursing graduation caps that’ll give you all the feels! From heartfelt messages to hilarious puns, these caps totally capture (hah, see what we did there) the spirit of your nursing school achievement.

Now go make that masterpiece and show off all your hard work (and your caffeine-fueled nights) on your big day! Congratulations to all the future nurses out there—you’re about to rock those scrubs and save lives like a boss!

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