15 Fabulous Taylor Swift Graduation Cap Ideas

Hey there, grads! Before you march across the stage to receive your diploma, why not jazz up your graduation cap with a dash of Swiftie sparkle? After all, Taylor Swift is the voice of this generation – making her lyrics perfect for celebrating this milestone moment.

Ready to toss your cap in the air AND express your love for Taylor Swift? Here’s a mega list of 15 fabulous Taylor Swift inspired graduation cap ideas that will have you feeling “…happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.” See what we did there?

15 Awesome Taylor Swift Graduation Caps Ideas

Taylor Swift Graduation Cap Ideas

1. Long Story Short

Credits: Emma @ Pinterest

Featuring the lyrics “Long story short, I survived” written across it, this cap is a fun nod to celebrating all the hard work you put into graduating, with a little wink to the ups and downs of college life.

2. Long Live

Credits: u/molldoll892 @ Reddit

“It was the end of a decade / But the start of an age” – Taylor’s song “Long Live” perfectly captures the graduation feeling. You’re closing a chapter on a big decade of your life (high school or college!), but it’s also the exciting start of a whole new adventure! Plus, it keeps things short and sweet, so it looks great on a grad cap.

3. august

Credits: Elizabeth Petersen @ Pinterest

Graduation feels like a big jump, right? This “august”-inspired cap totally gets it! It features the quote “livin’ for the hope of it all”, which basically says you’re pumped for what’s next, even if things are a bit unsure. Feel free to add some glitter (because, duh, graduation!) to make it extra celebratory!

4. Mastermind 

Credits: u/postrevolutionism @ Reddit

Feeling like a total boss after graduation? This “Mastermind” quote on your cap says it all: “What if I told you I’m a mastermind?” It’s a cool way to show you crushed your studies and are ready to conquer the world. Add some fierce details (think glitter, tassels, or even some artificial gems!) to match your mastermind vibes.

5. You’re on Your Own, Kid

Credits: u/trytowayh @ Reddit

Graduation is a bittersweet time, and this “Midnights”-inspired cap captures that feeling with the quote “You’re on your own, kid.” It’s time to spread your wings and take the leap, even if it’s a little nerve-racking! Personalise it further with anything that shows you’re ready to rock this next chapter.

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6. Starlight 

Credits: Lexy Marie @ Pinterest

The sky’s the limit now. This lyric from “Starlight”, “Don’t you dream impossible things?”, is the perfect message for your cap! Keep chasing those big dreams, no matter how crazy they might seem. If you want to go all Starlight-themed, add some shooting stars and glitter to make your cap truly stellar!

7. Fearless 

Credits: McKenna Kray @ Pinterest

Remember that song “Fearless”? Soak up all the feels of graduation and hold onto them forever with the lyrics “In this moment now capture it, remember it”. Add some photos from your school years to make it extra special!

8. 22

Credits: Madi @ Pinterest

Inspired by “22”, this Swiftie grad cap aptly captures the turbulent emotions on graduation day! “It’s miserable and magical” – you’re excited for the future but maybe a little sad to say goodbye. Add some glitter and tears (jk, maybe happy tears!) to your cap to show it’s a rollercoaster of feelings, but totally worth it!

9. Wonderland

Credits: Mia’s Boutique

Calling all curious minds this year! This “Wonderland”-inspired cap says “Haven’t you heard what becomes of curious minds?”, showing how you’re excited to keep learning and exploring even after college.

You can add some question marks, globes, or even mini books to your cap to fuel your wanderlust! Just imagine wearing that cap as you walk across the stage, feeling like you’re stepping into your own wonderland of endless possibilities.

10. “It’s Been a Long Time Coming”

Credits: Krista Schnur @ Pinterest

For all the grads who’ve been hustling for this moment! Inspired by the epic Eras Tour Intro – this cap conveys that you’ve put in the work and graduation is FINALLY here! It’s the most Swiftian way to celebrate reaching this major milestone.

11. Blank Space

Source: Google

Graduation is like a “Blank Space” in your story, Swifties! With the lyrics “But I’ve got a blank space, baby / And I’ll write my name”, you’re basically telling everyone that you’re the author of your future, and it’s going to be epic!

12. …Ready for it?

Source: Google

Feeling fierce and ready to take over the world after graduation?  This “Reputation”-inspired cap says it all with “Are you ready for it?” –. a bold way to show you’re pumped for what’s next and prepared to tackle whatever comes next.

13. Clean

Credits: Brecklynn Williams @ Pinterest

“She lost him, but she found herself, and somehow that was everything.”

Life’s full of ups and downs, but in the end, finding yourself is what truly matters. This cap, inspired by Taylor’s hidden message in “Clean”, is ideal for grads who’ve grown a lot during their time at school/college. Keep it simple and heartfelt or add some butterflies (a symbol of transformation) to personalise your cap.

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14. State of Grace

Credits: u/AgentGravitas @ Reddit

“This is the golden age of something good and right and real” – a beautiful way to capture the feeling that graduation is a new beginning full of hope and possibility.  Add some gold glitter and a classic tassel in your school colours to make your cap stand out in the crowd.

15. Clara Bow 

Credits: Carmella Habal | Cullen College of Engineering

This Taylor Swift-inspired cap is bursting with optimism! It features the lyrics “The future’s bright… Dazzling!”, referencing her song “Clara Bow.” Pick this one to show you’re excited and confident about what lies ahead!

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And there you have it, Swifties! 15 graduation cap ideas inspired by the amazing lyrics and eras of Taylor Swift. Feeling inspired? Don’t forget to leave links to your creations below – we can’t wait to see your creative masterpieces!

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