31 Easy & Delicious Graduation Desserts Everyone Will Love

It’s graduation season! Time to celebrate all the hard work and dedication that led to this big moment. And what better way to mark the special occasion than with a spread of delicious desserts? We’ve got a collection of 31 amazing treats that are perfect for a graduation party.

From crowd-pleasing classics to creative new ideas, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. So grab your whisk and get ready to bake up a storm!

31 Easy & Delicious Graduation Desserts to Sweeten the Moment

1. Cap and Diploma Cookies

Credits: Ann Clark

These adorable cookies shaped like graduation caps and diplomas are tasty and thematic. Decorated with frosting details, they make for a fun and festive treat.

2. Graduation Cupcakes

Credits: Rosanna Pansino

Personalised cupcakes topped with frosting in your school colours or decorated with grad-themed toppers are a sweet way to celebrate graduation.

3. Red Velvet Trifle

Credits: Elaine Lemm | The Spruce Eats

Layers of rich red velvet cake, creamy cheesecake mousse, and fluffy whipped cream come together in this indulgent dessert. Topped with chocolate shavings or fresh berries, it’s a decadent treat that’s sure to impress at any graduation celebration.

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4. Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats

Credits: Emily Fabulous

These sweet and chewy treats combine the classic flavour of Rice Krispie treats with the fun taste of cake batter. Made with marshmallows, Rice Krispies cereal, and a hint of cake mix, they’re a delightful pick for graduation parties!

5. Customised Initial Graduation Cake

Credits: Andrea Passarella @ Pinterest

Celebrate your grad in style with a custom initial cake! Pick your favourite colours for the frosting, and add some grad-themed decorations like mini diplomas or caps.

6. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Credits: Lauren Allen | Tastes Better from Scratch

Take juicy strawberries and dip ’em in melted chocolate for a simple yet delicious treat. They’re easy to prepare and always a hit among all ages!

7. Dessert Kabobs

Credits: Kristyn Merkley | Lil’ Luna

Get creative by threading mini pieces of your favourite desserts onto skewers for a fun treat. It can be fruits, marshmallows, macarons, cookies, pound cakes, or brownie chunks. The end result will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth at your graduation bash!

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8. Chocolate-Covered Oreos

Credits: Alyssa Rivers

Upgrade your Oreos by dunking them in melted chocolate for a scrumptious twist. They’re super easy to make and utterly irresistible. Just be prepared to make plenty because they’ll disappear fast!

9. Caramel Popcorn

Credits: RecipeTin Eats

Coat freshly popped popcorn with a homemade caramel sauce for a deliciously crunchy and light snack. It’s perfect for just about any occasion, including graduation celebrations.

10. Strawberry Pretzel Pie

Credits: Diana Yen | Food.com

This pie’s got it all – a crispy crust made of pretzels, then a layer of creamy, sweet cheese, topped with fresh strawberry jelly. It’s like a flavour party in your mouth!

11. Orange Cream Popsicles

Credits: Taste of Home

Want something cool and tangy? These orange-cream pops are just the ticket! A burst of citrusy goodness in frozen form, smooth and refreshing, they’re a healthier option than ice cream, but still just as satisfying on a hot day.

12. Rhubarb Icebox Dessert 

Credits: Dinner with Julie

A fluffy layer of marshmallow that sits atop a tangy rhubarb filling. This make-ahead dessert is perfect for graduation celebrations; it’s light, refreshing, and bursting with flavour. Plus, you can prepare it in advance, making party planning a breeze.

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13. Ferrero Rocher with Graduation Caps

Credits: Party Pinching

Simply attach a mini Reese’s cup to the top of a Ferrero Rocher to create a cute little graduation cap. It’s a clever and tasty way to celebrate the graduate’s big day.

14. DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Credits: Laura | The Kiwi Country Girl

Set up your very own ice cream sundae bar by laying out a variety of ice cream flavours, like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and add some flavoured syrups. And don’t stop there! Load up on toppings like choco chips, sprinkles, marshmallows, and all your favourite candies. Let everyone build their dream sundae—it’s a guaranteed hit!

15. DIY Root Beer Float Bar

Credits: Nicole | Our Tiny Nest

Get ready for a rootin’-tootin’ good time with a root beer float bar! Load up a bucket with root beer and set out toppings in cute containers. It can be cherries, chocolate sprinkles, and striped straws in a jar. A bucket of vanilla ice cream and a can of whipped cream is a must-have for that perfect float finish.

16. Pretzel Pop Graduates 

Credits: Beth Klosterboer | Hungry Happenings

These chocolate-dipped Pretzel Graduates may not have hit the books as hard as you did, but they’ll most likely steal the show at your grad party with their cute cap and tassel made of chocolate and pretzels and delicious taste!

17. Fruit Display

Credits: Abbey Ferguson @ Pinterest

Create a stunning centrepiece for your graduation party by arranging colourful fruits in the shape of your graduation year or age. Use a variety of fruits like strawberries, grapes, apples, melons, and pineapple to fill in the numbers.

18. Mini Dessert Cups

Credits: Easy & Yummy @ YouTube

These bite-sized dessert cups pack a big punch in a tiny package! Fill mini cups with your favourite treats like pudding, cake crumbs, candies, fruit pulps, whipped cream, or cake crumbs for a sweet and satisfying treat on the big day.

19. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Credits: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Soft and chewy peanut butter cookies with a surprise in the centre—a gooey peanut butter cup nestled inside each one. Prepare a batch for the graduation party and watch them vanish in no time!

20. Seven Layer Bars

Credits: Ashlyn Edwards | Belle of the Kitchen

A buttery graham cracker crust topped with layers of caramel, sweetened condensed milk, choco and butterscotch chips, shredded coconut, and chopped nuts—all baked until golden and gooey. They’re a classic addition to any gathering, including grad parties.

21. Happy Graduate Cake Pops

Credits: Party Pinching

Whip up these cute cake pops to celebrate the grad! Mix cake with frosting, roll into balls, dip in candy coating, and freeze. Top with a chocolate square, a mini M&M, and a Fruit by the Foot tassel, then attach to a peanut butter cup for the cap. Add a smiley face for extra cheer!

22. Homemade Whoopie Pies

Credits: Tessa Arias | Handle the Heat

With a divine filling sandwiched between cake-like cookies, these soft and chewy homemade whoopie pies are pure bliss. Trust us, your friends and families won’t be able to stop at just one!

23. Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizzas 

Credits: Jaclyn | Cooking Classy

a soft, chewy sugar cookie base loaded with creamy frosting and a colourful array of fresh fruit on top – a taste of summer in every bite! Perfect for sharing at your graduation party or any gathering where you want to wow your guests with a delicious and vibrant dessert.

24. Piñata Cupcakes 

Credits: Sam | Sugar Spun Run

Surprise your grad guests with piñata cupcakes! These fun treats look like regular cupcakes, but with a bite, they burst with colourful sprinkles – just like a piñata! They’re easy to make and guaranteed to bring smiles.

25. Peanut Butter Graham Bars

Credits: Mina Dyck | Taste of Home

Classic combo, graduation approved! These no-bake peanut butter graham bars are creamy, crunchy, and totally delicious. Perfect for sharing with friends and family – and they’re easy to make, leaving you more time to celebrate!

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26. Cupcake Tower

Credits: Alyssa’s Cakery

Take your cupcakes to new heights! A cupcake tower is a neat trick to show off your delicious creations for the grad party. Plus, it saves space on the dessert table – a win-win!

27. Coloured Macarons

Credits: Camilla Hurst | Pies & Tacos

Add a pop of colour to your celebration with these adorable macarons! Choose your school colours or favourite shades for a sweet and stylish treat. They’re light, delicious, and perfect for a fancy (but easy!) graduation dessert.

28. Graduation Hat Cake

Credits: Abeer Rizvi @ Cake Whiz

Level up your party with a graduation hat cake! This yummy cake gets a topping they’ll love – a fondant diploma and graduation cap in their school colours. It’s a picture-perfect way to celebrate their big day!

29. Cheesecake Bars

Credits; Tessa Arias | Handle the Heat

Graduation calls for cheesecake! These creamy bars are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Everyone loves a bite of that rich, smooth filling on a buttery crust. Plus, you can easily cut them into squares for a stress-free dessert table win!

30. Banana Flip Cake

Credits: Berta Hagen | Taste of Home

Celebrate with a taste of nostalgia! This Banana Flip Cake is light, fluffy, packed with creamy banana flavour, and topped with whipped cream. Your favourite childhood pudding in cake form, perfect for a summer-themed graduation dessert!

31. Triple Fruit Freeze

Credits: Colleen Ludovice | Taste of Home

Beat the heat and celebrate the graduation with a refreshing Triple Fruit Freeze! Layers of kiwi, blueberry, and grape goodness come together in a fun, icy pop. It’s easy to make, perfect for sharing, and will keep everyone cool on a warm graduation day!

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Sweeten the Day

There you have it! 31 mouthwatering desserts and treats for the perfect sweet ending to any graduation day celebration. No matter your style or skill level, these sugary delights are guaranteed to make the big day a delicious success. Let us know in the comments below which dessert you’re planning to try!

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