25 Flower Crafts For Kids

Flowers are not just colourful and beautiful to look at, they can also inspire creativity and fun! Crafting with flowers is a wonderful way for kids to unleash their artistic side and learn about nature. It’s a great learning exercise for kids to appreciate the floral beauty and how they can be used in art.

Here’s a list of 25 wonderful flower crafts that kids will enjoy. They’re all easy, light on materials, and provide a unique learning experience.

25 Wonderful Flower Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Plate Flowers

Credits: Made to be a Momma

Make colourful flowers using paper plates. Paint the plates in bright colours, cut them into petal shapes, and then glue them together. Add a button or pom-pom in the centre to complete the flower.

2. Paper Tulips

Credits: Red Ted Art

These easy-to-make paper tulips bring the joy of spring indoors. With some colourful paper, scissors, and glue, kids can create a bouquet that never wilts.

3. Coffee Filter Roses

Credits: FirstPalette

Watch the magic happen as markers and water turn coffee filters into colourful roses. This craft is great for teaching colour mixing and absorption.

4. Paper/Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Credits: Adventures With Children

Create a flower-shaped bookmark using coloured paper. Cut out a flower shape, decorate it with markers or stickers, and laminate it for durability. Add a ribbon or tassel for extra flair.

Kids can also press flowers and leaves between parchment paper and use them to decorate homemade bookmarks.

5. Sunflower Seeds Mosaic

Credits: FirstPalette

Create a mosaic using a variety of seeds and grains to make a beautiful sunflower design. Glue the seeds onto cardboard or paper in a circular shape, then paint the centre and add details.

6. Popsicle Stick Flower Garden

Credits: The Resourceful Mama

Popsicle sticks, paint, and imagination are all that’s needed for kids to create their own miniature garden. Glue popsicle sticks together to form a flower shape. Decorate the sticks with paint or markers, and add a button or bead in the centre.

7. Flower Pot Wind Chimes

Credits: House of Joyful Noise

Paint and stack small terracotta pots to create a charming wind chime.

8. Flower Garden Sensory Bin

Credits: Jessica Etcetera

Fill a bin with sensory materials like rice or sand. Add fake flowers, gardening tools, and small pots for a fun sensory experience. Kids can pretend to plant and grow their flower gardens.

9. Lavender Sachets

Credits: Red Ted Art

Sew simple sachets filled with dried lavender to create a sweet-smelling craft that also teaches basic sewing skills.

10. Egg Carton Daisies

Credits: Suzanne Ash

Recycle old egg cartons by transforming them into charming daisies. A little paint and some decorative centres, and voila – a daisy chain to brighten any room.

11. Felt Flower Bouquet

Credits: Heidi Kundin | Happiness is Homemade

Cut and roll felt pieces to make a bouquet of everlasting flowers.

12. Paper Bag Flowers

Credits: Sheri Silver

Turn paper bags into lovely flowers. Cut out flower shapes from the bags, decorate them with markers or paint, and then glue them onto a cardboard base. Add leaves and a stem.

13. Seed Bomb Lollipops

Credits: The Little Dove Blog

Mix seeds with soil and clay to form ‘lollipops’ that can be ‘planted’ to grow wildflowers.

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14. Flower Petal Suncatchers

Credits: Messy Little Monster

Using real flower petals and clear contact paper, kids can make suncatchers that showcase the beauty of flower petals.

15. Floral Butterfly Feeder

Credits: Emma Louise Oldham | Eco Kids Planet

Attract butterflies by creating a feeder decorated with bright, nectar-filled flowers.

16. Clay Flower Magnets

Credits: Shani Ogden | Sunshine & Munchkins

Mould and paint clay into flower shapes to create cute refrigerator magnets. You can also use faux flowers and buttons as in the example above!

17. Flower Power T-Shirt

Credits: Green Kid Crafts

Use fabric paint and real flowers to stamp designs onto a plain t-shirt.

18. Pinecone Flowers 

Credits: A Fanciful Twist

Ask your little ones to gather pinecones and paint the scales in vibrant colours. Glue small pom-poms or felt circles onto the scales to create a flower shape.

19. Handprint Lilies

Credits: Debbie Chapman | One Little Project

Trace handprints and roll them into lily shapes.

20. Dried Flower Terrarium

Credits: Aimsy’s Antics

Arrange dried flowers in a clear jar to make a miniature, maintenance-free garden.

21. Beaded Flowers

Credits: B-Inspired Mama

String colourful beads onto pipe cleaners to create flower shapes. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaners to keep the beads in place. These can be used as jewellery or decorations.

22. Flower Collage

Credits: Kid Made Modern

Collect various flower images from magazines or printouts. Arrange them on paper and stick them with glue to create a beautiful collage. Add other natural elements like leaves or butterflies for a finishing touch.

23. Flower Crown 

Credits: What Can We Do With Paper And Glue

It’s a classic craft where kids can design and wear their own crowns made from fresh or faux flowers.

24. Rock Flowers

Credits: Penny Whitehouse | Mother Natured

Collect smooth rocks and paint them in bright colours. Add details like petals and leaves with acrylic paint. Display them in a pot or garden for a natural touch.

25. Paper Roll Flowers

Credits: Jennie Masterson

Recycle paper rolls into cute flowers. Flatten the rolls and cut them into strips. Paint the strips in bright colours, curl them around a pencil, and glue them onto a bamboo skewer.

Blossom Your Creativity!

These 25 flower crafts are perfect for a rainy day, a garden party, or just a fun afternoon of creativity and learning.

Whether using paper, felt, or found materials, there’s a flower craft here for every child to enjoy. Which one is your favorite? Got some more suggestions for crafts? Feel free to share your feedback below!

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