30 Awesome Paper Crafts For Adults

Paper crafts are an awesome way to show off your creativity and add a touch of your personality to your home decor, gifts, and more. They aren’t just for kids! Grown-ups can enjoy them too, and we’ve got 30 great ideas you’re absolutely going to love.

Whether you’re a beginner or a crafting pro, there’s a paper craft for everyone. Let’s get into some cutting and folding business, shall we?

30 Awesome Paper Crafts For Adults

Paper Crafts for Adults

1. Paper Flowers

Credits: Abbi Kirsten Collections

Brighten up any room with handmade paper flowers. You can easily create a bouquet that will last forever with colourful paper.

2. Handmade Greeting Cards

Credits: Mary Sanders @ Pinterest

Personalise your greetings by making handmade cards. Add your own touches with stamps, stickers, etc.

3. Quilling Art

Credits: momo_quilling @ Instagram

Roll thin strips of paper into intricate designs and shapes. From abstract patterns to flowers, the possibilities are endless with quilling.

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4. Origami Bookmarks

Credits: The Spruce Crafts

Fold papers into charming corner bookmarks. Perfect for bookworms!

5. Paper Kites

Credits: Gathered

Construct kites that are as fun to fly on a windy day as they are to make.

6. Decoupage Vase

Credits: Pillar Box Blue

Transform plain vases into works of art with cutouts and glue.

7. Shadow Box

Credits: A Blog Called Wanda

Layer paper cutouts in a box frame to create a three-dimensional effect.

8. Paper Bead Jewelry

Credits: My French Twist

Roll paper into beads and create unique jewellery pieces. Add varnish for durability and shine.

9. Paper Dolls

Credits: KIDS crafts @ YouTube

Bring back nostalgic memories by making paper dolls and outfits. Mix and match different clothes to create endless fashion combinations.

10. Paper Aeroplanes

Credits: ANA

Fold paper aeroplanes and have fun testing out different designs. Challenge your friends to see whose plane can fly the farthest.

11. Paper Weaving Mat

Credits: Creativ

Simply cut paper strips of different colours and widths, weave them together in a simple over-and-under pattern, and secure the ends. The result is a beautiful and durable mat you can use as a placemat, a coaster, or a decorative accent!

12. Accordion Book

Credits: Dena McMurdie | Read Brightly

Fold a long strip of paper accordion-style, with each fold creating a page. Decorate each page with drawings, photos, or written thoughts. Once you’ve filled all the pages, tie the ends together or attach covers to create a complete book.

13. Marbled Paper

Credits: Buff Strickland | Better Homes & Gardens

Use inks and other ingredients to create swirling patterns that mimic marble. Experiment with different colour combos and techniques to create your one-of-a-kind designs. You can use them for various crafts, including card making, scrapbooking, and bookbinding.

14. Paper Mâché Bowl

Credits: Celebrate & Decorate

Craft a beautiful and functional bowl using the paper mâché technique. You can decorate however you like. Paint it, decoupage it, or add embellishments to match your style! It’s a fun and easy craft that yields beautiful results.

15. Scrapbooking

Credits: Paper High

Preserve your memories in a creative way by scrapbooking. Combine photos, paper, and decorations to make beautiful, themed pages.

16. Paper Flower Wall Hanging

Credits: Being Artistic @ YouTube

Brighten up your walls with a simple yet eye-catching paper flower wall hanging. You can craft flowers using techniques like origami, cutting and shaping, or even quilling. Attach them to a string/ribbon, then hang the string from a wooden dowel or branch to create a beautiful cascading effect. You can also add leaves or vines to enhance the look.

17. Paper Mask

Credits: wikiHow

Get creative with paper masks for parties or Halloween costumes. Decorate them with paint, glitter, and feathers.

18. Pop-up Card

Credits: Raymond Hom | Martha Stewart

Surprise your loved ones with handmade pop-up cards that reveal a 3D design when opened. Add complexity to your designs with clever folding techniques!

19. Paper Lantern

Credits: Design Improvised

Make lanterns out of paper bags and candles for a magical glow. They’re perfect for outdoor gatherings or romantic evenings.

20. Paper Embroidery

Credits: Beth Colletti

Combine paper and thread to create unique embroidered designs. Experiment with different stitches and colours for stunning results.

21. Paper Bunting

Credits: Francois et Moi

Create a festive atmosphere with a paper bunting! Cut out triangles from colourful paper, string them together, and hang them for instant decoration. Perfect for parties, celebrations, or adding a pop of colour to any room!

22. Gift Boxes

Credits: Gathering Beauty

Fold paper into boxes of all sizes for gift-giving. Decorate with ribbons, stickers, or drawings for a special touch. Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion where a thoughtful gift is appreciated.

23. Paper Coaster

Credits: Paper Crafts @ YouTube

Protect surfaces with stylish, absorbent coasters. Cut out circles or squares from thick paper or cardstock, then decorate as desired. Seal with Mod Podge or laminate for durability.

24. Paper Picture Frame

Credits: Crafts by Ria

Frame your favourite photos with custom-made paper frames. A simple and creative way to showcase cherished moments!

25. Paper Garlands

Credits: Easy Peasy and Fun

String together shapes like hearts or stars cut out from colourful papers. Hang for instant decoration at parties, weddings, or home decor.

26. Paper Stained Glass

Credits: Cindy deRosier | My Creative Life

Recreate the look of stained glass with tissue paper and glue. Hang your creations in windows to catch the sunlight.

27. Paper Wind Chime

Credits: Eti’s ETC @ YouTube

Create soothing wind chimes using paper and other household materials. Hang them outdoors to enjoy the gentle tinkling sounds.

28. Paper Fan

Credits: Sew Crafty Me

Stay cool in style with a handmade paper fan! Fold accordion-style, then attach a stick or ribbon for a handle. They are both decorative and practical.

29. Paper Pie-Slice Boxes

Credits: Mike Krautter | Martha Stewart

Craft adorable pie-slice boxes! Cut a circle and divide it into wedges. Fold each wedge to create the box shape, securing it with glue or tape. Fill with a slice of your homemade pie, treats, or small gifts, then close and decorate as desired.

30. Papercraft Models

Credits: Rocky Bergen | Internet Archive

Create intricate 3D paper models using printable templates! Cut, fold, and glue together pieces to assemble aeroplanes, buildings, animals, and more. Perfect for hobbyists and enthusiasts of all ages.

A Crafty Farewell

There’s something uniquely satisfying about making something beautiful out of a simple sheet of paper. With these 30 lovely paper crafts for adults, you’ve got a plethora of choices for your next DIY project.

Whether you want to decorate, make a gift, or just have fun with origami, we’ve tried our best to find something for you. Each craft can be customised to your taste, and there are so many options! Who knows what amazing things you’ll create?

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