30 Easy Doodle Pattern Ideas You Can Really Sketch Anywhere!

Doodling is a fun and delightful way to express yourself and let your creativity flow. Whether you’re doodling in the margins of your notebook during a class or spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with a sketchpad, it’s a simple form of art anyone can enjoy, regardless of artistic skill.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you’re in the right place. Below are 30 easy doodle pattern ideas to get you started!

30 Easy Starter Doodle Patterns

1. Zigzag Lines

Credits: Publicdomainvectors.org

Just like the heartbeat monitor lines, zigzag patterns are a classic and easy to start with. Draw a series of connected zigzag lines across your page, with varying thickness and spacing to create different effects.

2. Flowers

Credits: Shayda Campbell @ YouTube

Simple petal shapes around a centre dot can mimic a garden on your page. You can make them realistic or stylised, depending on your artistic style.

3. Waves

Credits: Vecteezy

Wavy lines can represent water, wind or just a sense of calm. Draw gentle waves rolling across your page. Add details like foam and seagulls for a seaside vibe.

4. Leaves

Credits: artrise @ VectorStock

Sketch various leaf shapes for a natural, organic feel to your doodles. Scatter them around your page or draw them along a vine.

5. Clouds

Credits: Samantha Hollingshead

Fluffy shapes floating across the sky on your paper can be quite soothing. You can vary their shapes and sizes to create depth.

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6. Stripes

Credits: natalyon @ Adobe Stock

Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal stripes can create a neat, orderly design. Doodle a pattern of straight lines running parallel to each other. Like zigzag patterns, you can achieve different effects with varying thickness and spacing.

7. Chequerboard

Credits: Jennifer Eberhart @ Pinterest

Alternate filled and unfilled squares to create a 3D chequerboard pattern. Some shading will be necessary.

8. Squiggles

Credits: Shumi Perhiniak | Yes I’m A Designer

Draw curly, loopy lines that twist and turn across your page. Experiment with various sizes and shapes to make your squiggles unique.

9. Stars

Credits: Liz Huey @ Pinterest

Whether you draw traditional five-pointed stars or just little twinkles, they’re perfect for adding a dreamy effect. You can make them pointy or rounded as per your tastes.

10. Polka Dots

Credits: Hony if you want @ Stockvault

Small or big, polka dots can fill up space and give a retro vibe to your doodle. You can make them evenly spaced or scatter them randomly.

11. Spirals

Credits: Megan Weller

Draw twisting and turning spirals across your page. Start from the centre and let your lines spiral outward. You can tighten or loosen the coils, but the results should look mesmerising.

12. Honeycombs

Credits: Amanda Clifton @ Pinterest

Draw rows of hexagons connected like a honeycomb. You can fill them in with patterns or leave them empty for a minimal, geometric look.

13. Circles

Credits: Art is Basic

Overlapping circles provide depth and dimension. Draw concentric circles nested within each other. Fill them in with patterns or leave them empty – it looks neat either way around.

14. Bricks

Credits: Worksheeto

Sketch rows of rectangular bricks stacked on top of each other. Some texturing is required to give your doodles a rustic feel!

15. Hearts

Credits: Crafty Insights

Hearts always add a sweet touch to your doodles. They’re the universal symbol of love after all! Draw rows of tiny hearts or scatter them randomly across your page.

16. Diamonds

Credits: Artistry World @ Pinterest

Draw rows of overlapping diamonds. Fill them in with patterns for a jewel-like design or leave them empty for a minimalist look.

17. Maze

Credits: Instructables

Doodle a simple maze for a pattern that’s also a puzzle. You can add dead ends and shortcuts for an extra challenge.

18. Triangles

Credits: Jennifer Burrell @ Pinterest

Create an abstract pattern with interconnected triangles. Once again, feel free to fill them in with patterns or leave them empty, whichever you prefer.

19. Paisley

Credits: Heidi Denney | Doodle Addicted

This teardrop-shaped pattern with a curved upper end is a classic in doodling.

20. Faces

Credits: Pic Candle @ YouTube

Even with just a few lines, you can express various emotions through simple faces.

21. Radial Lines

Credits: Elena Pimukova @ Adobe Stock

Radiating lines from a central point can represent sunburst or energy. Great addition to graphic diaries and journals!

22. Chevron

Credits: Natalie Shaw | Doodlecraft

Draw rows of V-shaped chevron patterns and alternate their directions. They can get quite visually interesting if done right!

23. Eyes

Credits: Shihori Obata

Eyes are captivating and can be drawn in numerous styles, from life-like to cartoonish. They’ll bring life to your doodles!

24. Lightning Bolts

Credits: Draw with Sketchy @ YouTube

Draw sharp, jagged lines with zigzag patterns resembling lightning bolts. You can vary their thickness and length for dramatic effects.

25. Lattice

Credits: Mario Patterns

Crisscrossing lines can create a lattice effect, perfect for filling larger areas.

26. Arrows

Credits: Freepik @ Pinterest

Have arrows pointing in various directions to achieve a dynamic pattern in your doodles.

27. Scales

Credits: Ananmyrah

Draw overlapping scales in rows like those on a fish. We suggest using different marker colours for vibrant results.

28. Mountains

Credits: Elinacious @ Adobe Stock

Sketch jagged mountain peaks rising across your page. Add details like trees and snow caps for a scenic view.

29. Tribal Pattern

Credits: Boredart

Create bold tribal patterns with geometric shapes and symbols. You can fill them in with intricate designs for extra flair.

30. Gears

Credits: AvaBitter @ VectorStock

Draw interconnected gears like those in a machine. Add cogs and spokes for further complexity.


Doodle patterns are a great way to enhance your drawings, diaries, and journals and make them more interesting. They can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. With these 30 easy doodle pattern ideas, you can fill your sketchbook with endless possibilities.

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