20 Flying Geese Quilt Patterns

Flying Geese quilt patterns are a classic in the quilting world. With their simple yet graceful design, they add charm and finesse to any project. This pattern, resembling a flock of geese in flight, adds movement and direction to quilts, making them come alive.

Whether you’re just starting or already know your way around quilting, these 20 Flying Geese quilt patterns will inspire you to create beautiful quilts that soar with creativity.

20 Flying Geese Quilt Patterns to Elevate Your Craft

Flying Geese Quilt Patterns

1. Classic Flight

Credits: Threadbare Creations

The traditional Flying Geese pattern, featuring a row of sharp triangles against a contrasting background.

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2. Sunset Migration

Credits: artgalleryfabrics.com

A warm palette of oranges and reds simulates a flock at dusk.

3. Scrappy Geese

Credits: Quilty Love

Use up your fabric scraps with this fun and eclectic pattern, mixing and matching fabrics for a unique look.

4. Autumnal Path 

Credits: Carried Away Quilting

Earthy tones mimic the colours of fall.

5. Chicago Geese

Credits: Sharon Holland

You get the sense of movement and fluidity with this pattern, arranging flying geese blocks to evoke the feeling of wind-blown fabric.

6. Neighbourhood Geese

Credits: QuiltShopQuilts

Featuring flying geese blocks arranged in rows to look like houses, this pattern creates a charming and cohesive neighbourhood-like design, perfect for capturing the warmth and familiarity of home in your quilt.

7. Rainbow Geese

Credits: Canuck Quilter Designs

This pattern bursts with vibrant colours, arranging flying geese blocks in a stunning spectrum from red to violet. It’s a bold and cheerful masterpiece that brightens any room.

8. Monochrome Migration

Credits: Beach Tree Land Handmade

“Monochrome Migration” features flying geese blocks in shades of black, white, and grey, creating a sleek, minimal quilt with a modern twist.

9. Pinwheel Geese

Credits: Moda Fabrics

Create this distinctive flying geese quilt by using smaller triangles. The symmetry of this design, especially how the centre resembles a pinwheel, is quite pleasing.

10. Southerly

Credits: Tamarinis @ Pinterest

This quilt pattern with flying geese is lovely, featuring different sizes of geese and occasional pinwheel designs adding to its charm.

11. Flying Geese Log Cabin

Credits: Judit Hajdu | QuiltFOX Design

For a classic and orderly look, try this pattern that combines flying geese quilt blocks with log cabin designs. You’ll even spot flying geese along one of the border edges for added symmetry.

12. Tropical Geese

Credits: Leila Gardunia

Start by crafting a big triangle for the main geese quilt block, then scale down for smaller ones to fill the row, gradually decreasing in size. Choose vibrant tropical colours to bring your favourite hues to life in the design.

13. Simple Geese

Credits: Quilty Love

Stitch up some geese units and assemble them into a contemporary design. The gradient effect will add stunning elegance to any home.

14. Winter Migration

Credits: Quilty Love

Featuring icy blues and whites, this pattern aptly captures the chilly beauty of the season as flying geese glide across the quilt.

15. Vintage Geese

Credits: The Jolly Jabber

Recreate the charm of yesteryears with this timeless pattern, with flying geese blocks arranged in a nostalgic, retro-inspired colourway.

16. Shadow Flock

Credits: Karyn Valino | MakeSomething

Use light and dark fabrics to make flying geese blocks. It has this subtle three-dimensional effect like birds flying through shadows.

17. Mountain Geese

Credits: Granny Maud’s Girl

Capture the majesty of the mountainscape with this pattern, arranging flying geese blocks over a backdrop of mountain peaks.

18. Harvest Road

Credits: Carried Away Quilting

This unique pattern has flying geese blocks of two contrasting colours and fabric designs arranged to symbolise a winding road through fields. It captures the beauty of rural landscapes in warm, earthy tones.

19. Flying Goslings

Credits: Ula | Designed to Quilt

This cute baby quilt pattern with tiny flying geese blocks is perfect for welcoming little ones with warmth and comfort. Its soft colours and sweet design make it a delightful addition to any nursery.

20. Linen Flying Geese

Credits: Ma Tante Quilting

The flying geese blocks are arranged on a backdrop of soft, natural linen fabric. Anyone going for a rustic look will love this one.

The Flying Geese pattern is easily adaptable and versatile, making it ideal for quilters of all skill levels. Whether you prefer the classic look or want to experiment with colour and texture, these 20 lovely Flying Geese quilt patterns are guaranteed to wow your families and friends.

We’re sure you’ll find one of these perfect for your next quilt. Also, feel free to share your own creations and finds in the comments for others to check out!

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