30+ Smart and Creative Small Apartment Storage Ideas

Living in a cute little apartment is awesome, but sometimes those tiny spaces can feel even tinier when clutter starts taking over. Sometimes it’s like a constant game of Tetris, trying to fit everything you need into a shoebox-sized space. Does your junk drawer look as if a mini-tornado ripped through it? Do you trip over shoes every time you walk in the door?

If you’re tired of tripping over clothes and dodging furniture avalanches, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 30+ smart and simple small apartment storage ideas to help you maximise your space without feeling like living in a cluttered closet.

30+ Simple Small Apartment Storage Ideas

1. Storage Ottoman

Source: Walmart

Ever wished your furniture could do double (or even triple) duty? A storage ottoman is the superhero of small-space living. It is a comfy spot to rest your tired feet and has a hidden storage compartment underneath the seat. Perfect for stashing away blankets, books, board games – anything you want to keep out of sight but close at hand.

Plus, some ottomans even have flat tops that can double as a coffee table in a pinch!

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2. Shelf Dividers

Credits: IKEA

Living in a studio apartment can feel like a puzzle sometimes, especially if you’re trying to create separate spaces for sleeping, relaxing, and perhaps even working from home. Here’s where shelf dividers come in! These handy shelves act like invisible walls, helping you section off different areas of your studio without actual construction. Stack some crates or go for a sleeker look with floating shelves – either way, you’ll gain extra storage space while creating a more defined living area. Problem solved!

3. Maximise Wall Space

Credits: afreshspace @ Instagram

Think about it: how much floor space could you free up if you utilised those empty walls? Installing cabinets and drawers all the way up a wall is a fantastic way to maximise your storage capacity.

Plus, don’t forget about the area above doorways or the space hovering over your TV. These are prime real estate for shelves that can hold books, knick-knacks, or anything else you need to tuck away.

4. Clear Organisers for Drawers

Credits: Little Label Co.

We’ve all been there – rummaging through a drawer that’s become a black hole for socks, pens, jewellery, makeup, and who-knows-what-else. These handy see-through containers let you see exactly what you’ve stashed away, and they come in all shapes and sizes! So no more morning meltdowns trying to find that perfect pair of earrings.

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5. Mug Shelf

Credits: Ryan Durbin Ceramics

Speaking of morning meltdowns, do yours start with a frantic mug hunt? Get yourself a mug shelf. It’ll free up precious space while keeping your favourite cups within easy reach, so you can brew that perfect cup of coffee (or tea!) without the countertop clutter. Plus, it keeps your favourite mugs on display – a mini mug museum, if you will!

6. Lazy Susan Turntable 

Credits: jrapppp @ Instagram

Spin it to win it!  A Lazy Susan turntable in your pantry or cabinet lets you reach everything in the back with a quick spin.

7. Entryway Shelf

Credits: Paul Dyer | Better Home & Gardens

Give the entryway in your small apartment a mini-makeover! Hang a shelf for keys and whatnot, and add a mirror above for a quick check before you head out. Even a tiny space can feel like an entryway with this trick.

8. Tiered Cart 

Credits: Tara Monday | Suburble

Need extra storage? Wheel in a tiered cart!  This versatile little guy is a lifesaver in small apartments. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, office – anywhere you need a space-saving storage solution.

9. Under-the-Stairs Storage 

Credits: Bill Bergmann | Family Handyman

Don’t let those stairs go to waste! That often-ignored space can be a storage goldmine. Go all-out with built-in drawers or get creative with bookshelves and cubbies for a cosy reading nook – either way, it’s a great opportunity to maximise floor space in your small apartment. (Just skip the whole “Harry Potter under-stairs closet” vibe, okay?)

10. Tear Down a Wall

Credits: Alvhem Makleri

Knocking down walls might sound extreme, but hear us out! In a small apartment, removing a wall between the living room and kitchen can create a much more open and airy feel. Plus, it makes room for more storage. You can replace it with a half-wall to keep some definition between the spaces.

11. Double Closet Hanging Space

Credits: Breathing Room Home

Think your tiny closet can’t hold more clothes? Think again!  Adding a second hanging rod at a higher level is a space-saving hack that doubles your hanging space. Use the top bar for longer items like dresses or coats and the lower one for shirts, pants, or anything you wear more often. More hanging space, happy closet!

12. Behind-the-Door Storage

Credits: Jay Wilde | Better Home & Gardens

Don’t waste that space behind your door! Hang some slim organisers (wire baskets work great!) to stash away all sorts of things that tend to clutter up your countertops or shelves. Bonus points for clear bins so you can easily see what you’ve tucked away.

13. Convertible Furniture

Source: Small Homes, Grand Living | © Gestalten 2017

Small apartment living is all about getting the most out of your furniture. Ditch the single-use pieces and bring in the transformers!  A drop-leaf table can morph from a console table to a desk to a full-blown dining table, depending on your needs.

And guess what? Two side-by-side consoles can become a cool bar-height table with a simple swivel. Kinda genius!

14. Baskets

Credits: Kelsey Ann Rose | Architectural Digest

These handy woven wonders can hide away pretty much anything (dishes, laundry, that ever-growing collection of takeout menus – no judgment here!). Plus, a quick throw on top and they become a stylish part of your décor. They come in all sorts of styles.

15. Clean-Up Closet

Credits: afreshspace @ Instagram

Taming the cleaning crew!  Those brooms, mops, and vacuums can take over a small space in a flash. This trick keeps them organised and out of sight. Just mount them on the wall in a closet or laundry room – easy access, no more tripping hazards!

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16. Free Up Cabinet Space

Credits: nycneat_louisa @ Instagram

Crammed cabinets got you down? Free up precious space by moving your pots and pans to a wall-mounted rack. This way, you can easily grab what you need for cooking and free up those cabinets for other kitchen essentials.

17. Hang Hooks 

Credits: Melanie Rieders | Apartment Therapy

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple hook. Slap some on a wall, the back of a door, or even a piece of furniture, e.g., cabinets or the sides of a bookshelf, and watch your storage space multiply. They’re perfect for hanging bags, hats, robes, and even lightweight cookware – anything that can free up valuable counter or floor space.

And if you’re worried about putting holes in the walls (and aggravating your landlord in the process), there are tons of great removable stick-on options out there too.

18. Use Above-the-Sofa Space

Credits: Marisa Vitale | Apartment Therapy

Tired of staring at bare walls above your sofa? Why not put that space above to good use? A simple shelf is a great way to showcase your favourite prints, photos, or knick-knacks. Zero need to drill a bunch of holes; just place the shelf and arrange your treasures. Plus, it’s easy to swap stuff out whenever you feel like a refresh.

19. Radiator Makeover

Credits: Lucy Vernasco

Those clunky radiators can be a real eyesore in a small space. Transform it with a wooden shelf! This genius idea lets you hide the radiator (partially, at least) while creating a cute little display spot for your favourite plants, photographs, and perhaps even a mirror!

20. Staggered Shelves

Credits: Katie Bandurski | Better Homes & Gardens

Those bulky bookshelf units can make a small space feel even smaller. Swap those boxy shelves for a ladder-style unit. They get narrower towards the top, making the room feel airier and giving you storage for all sorts of things, big and small.

21. Towel Basket

Credits: Shelterness

Short on bathroom storage? A towel basket is your new BFF. These handy containers come in all sorts of styles – wicker, wire, plastic, you name it. Pop it on your vanity or toilet for easy access to fresh towels whenever you need them. No more soggy towel pile-ups, just grab-and-go convenience!

22. Wall-Mounted TV

Credits: Robert Peterson, Brian Patrick Flynn | HGTV

Mount your TV on the wall!  Not only does it free up precious floor space, but it also creates a cleaner, minimal look. Plus, you can position the TV at the perfect height for comfy movie and binge nights. No more crick in your neck from looking down at that old TV stand!

23. WFH Closet

Credits: Ursula Carmona

Short on space but big on ambition? Turn that empty closet into a work-from-home zone. It’s small enough to decorate like a dream cubicle, and when you’re done for the day, just shut the door and voila – instant clean-up!

24. Over-the-Bed Storage

Credits: Laura U Design Collective | HGTV

By installing shelves or cabinets around your bed, you create a ton of extra space for clothes, books, or anything that needs a home. You can totally DIY this project with some cubby storage units attached together and fixed to the wall!

25. Hanging Kitchen Shelves

Credits: Kate Marker Home

Limited kitchen counter space? Hanging shelves suspended from the ceiling are a lifesaver. They add storage space without blocking sightlines, making your kitchen feel open and airy.  Perfect for spices, dishes, or anything you need close at hand while you cook up a storm!

26. Get a Daybed

Credits: Cheryl Kees Clendenon | HGTV

Living in a tiny studio apartment can mean making some smart furniture choices.  If you just don’t have the space for both a bed and a sofa, get something in between, and we mean a daybed. It transforms from a comfy sleeping spot at night to a chill-out zone during the day, saving you precious square footage.

27. Throw Out Bulky Packaging

Credits: nycneat_louisa @ Instagram

Let’s be honest, those half-empty cereal boxes and tea bag containers are taking up prime real estate in your pantry. Instead, try transferring things like cereal, crackers, or tea bags into clear plastic containers. They take up less space, let you see what you have at a glance, and keep your shelves looking tidy.

28. Cabinet Dividers

Credits: nycneat_louisa @ Instagram

Feeling like your cabinets are overflowing? Tame the clutter with cabinet dividers! These handy tools help corral pots, pans, lids, or anything else that tends to get jumbled up in your kitchen. They create designated spaces for all your cookware, making everything easier to find and fit.

Your cabinets will thank you (and you might be surprised by how much more you can actually store in there!).

29. Tight Space Kitchen Pantry

Credits: Hammacher Schlemmer

Does that narrow space next to your fridge feel like wasted territory? This slim-and-trim pantry is awesome for small kitchens. It can squeeze into even the tightest spots and hold all sorts of goodies, from spices and snacks to coffee and tea. No more cramming everything into overflowing cabinets!

30. Utilise Window Sills

Credits: Lauren Kolyn | Apartment Therapy

Small apartment living is all about maximising every inch of space, and that includes those window sills! Showcase a little herb garden, display a collection of miniature figurines, add a framed photo, or use them as a cosy perch for your feline friend. Basically, anything small and pretty can find a happy home on your window sill.

31. Magnetic Spice Rack

Credits: Amazon

Running out of counter space for all those yummy spices? Stick a magnetic spice rack right on your fridge, keeping all your favourite seasonings within easy reach. No more digging through cabinets – just grab and go!

32. De-Clutter

Credits: Yvonne Boulay | Oriliving

Does your small apartment feel like it’s shrinking? It might be time for a declutter detox! Getting rid of unused items will make your space feel instantly bigger and calmer. Plus, you’ll know exactly where everything is – no more time wasted searching for lost treasures.

Small Space Living Hacks

Whew! That’s a wrap on 30+ storage ideas to utilise every inch of your small apartment. Now it’s your job to peek around your apartment, identify those underutilised areas, and unleash your inner storage ninja to create a space that feels anything but cramped. A well-organised apartment can feel like the biggest win if done right!

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