25+ Gorgeous Wall Hanging Quilt Patterns to Transform Your Walls

Have you got some blank walls staring back at you, feeling a tad bland? Well, hold onto your stitches because quilts aren’t just for snuggling under on the couch anymore!

Wall hanging quilts are a fantastic way to infuse your home with colour, texture, and warmth.

These beauties add a whole lot of character to your space and get the conversations going.

Whether your style is classic or modern, playful or sophisticated, there’s a quilted wall hanging out there waiting to transform your bare walls.

No matter how inexperienced or skilled you are, we’ve rounded up 25+ gorgeous wall hanging quilt patterns that’ll have you itching to break out your sewing machine.

Spruce Up Your Space with These 25+ Wall Hanging Quilts

Wall Hanging Quilt Patterns

1. Tuscan Hillside

Credits: QuiltRoutes @ Etsy

Capture the essence of the sun-drenched Italian countryside with rolling hills and rustic charm in a picturesque quilt pattern. It’s like a little slice of Tuscany for your wall.

2. How Does Your Garden Grow? 

Credits: Annie’s Digital

Bring the greenery indoors with an ever-blooming quilt bursting with colourful florals, sure to brighten any room.

3. Quilted Roses

Credits: Annie’s Digital

Roses are red, violets are blue, this quilt pattern is perfect for you! For the romantics, this pattern lets you showcase classic, elegant roses in a timeless quilted design that’s simply blooming lovely.

4. Art Nouveau Garden

Credits: Alexandria Capadalis Dupre | FreePatterns.com

Channel the elegance of the Art Nouveau movement! This quilt pattern features intricate geometric motifs, resembling a swirling floral design reminiscent of vintage wallpaper. It’s a true work of art for your walls.

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5. Franky

Credits: Quilted Heartz

Who says quilts have to be all flowers and frills? This adorable quilt pattern puts a cute twist on the classic horror icon, featuring a friendly Franky with big googly eyes and a goofy grin. It’s the perfect blend of spooky and sweet – a fun addition to your Halloween decor.

6. Starry Night

Credits: Susan Myers | Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

Pay homage to the master himself with this stunning quilt inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece in fabric form, complete with swirling stars and a dreamy, enchanting nightscape.

7. Four-Patch Tumbler

Credits: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

This classic pattern is a great choice for beginners to develop their piecing skills. Four-patch blocks in a tumbling layout create a mesmerising effect that’ll have your guests staring in awe.

8. Rainbow Hexagon

Credits: Brenna Riley Gates | QuiltingDAILY

Brighten your day with a vibrant explosion of hexagons in all the colours of the rainbow. Bold hues come together in a hypnotic geometric design that’s as cheerful as it’s eye-catching.

9. Pumpkin Spice

Credits: Renne Nanneman | Andover Fabrics

As cosy as a fall harvest, this quilt is perfect for adding a touch of autumnal charm to your walls. A large orange pumpkin with green leaves and a dark background with dark green framing come together to create a wall-hanging decor that’s as comforting as a pumpkin spice latte on a crisp autumn day.

10. Piccadilly Square

Credits: pzacharias | QuiltingDAILY

Take a stroll through Piccadilly Square with this charming quilt pattern inspired by the bustling streets of London. Classic squares and half-square triangles in various prints and colours evoke the lively energy of the city.

11. Patriotic Dresden Plate

Credits: Jeanie Hevener Emmert | Create & Babble

Celebrate America in style with a striking quilt featuring the classic Dresden Plate design in red, white, and blue.

12. Black Cats Silhouette

Credits: Charlyne Stewart | FreePatterns.com

Prepare for the spooky season with this bewitching wall-hanging quilt featuring silhouettes of black cats facing one another against a contrasting white backdrop. It’s a purrfectly charming addition to your Halloween decor.

13. Bird of Paradise

Credits: Linda Causee | FreePatterns.com

The Bird of Paradise quilt block features a burst of colourful shapes that resemble the exotic flower of the same name. The kaleidoscopic explosion of colours makes for a stunning, show-stopping tropical design.

14. Bunny Applique

Credits: Shiny Happy World

Perfect for a nursery or child’s room, this adorable spring-themed pattern features three fluffy easter bunny appliques inside a square each that’ll most definitely steal hearts.

15. Changing Gears

Credits: Heidi Pridemore | Windham Fabrics

Gear up for quilting fun with this unique pattern featuring a bicycle with wheels made of colourful flower petals and a bicycle frame made of floral fabrics. The design is whimsical enough for a child’s room or a springtime decoration.

16. Milady’s Mural

Credits: Debbie Beaves | Needlecraft, Inc.

Unleash your inner artist and bring elegance to your walls with this regal quilt pattern featuring intricate medallion motifs and delicate, vibrant florals. It’s fit for a queen!

17. Strawberry Splendor

Credits: Susan | QuiltFabrication

Celebrate the sweetness of summer with a wall-hanging quilt bursting with ripe, juicy red strawberry blocks. Shades of red and green make for a deliciously attractive design.

18. Sorbet Sunset

Credits: Jennifer Sampou | Pride & Joy Quilting

Capture and savour the soft hues of a summer sunset with this calming and beautiful quilt pattern featuring ombre shades of yellow, orange, pink, and purple – a slice of paradise on your walls!

19. Magnolia

Credits; AGF Studios

Ditch the dainty florals! This statement piece throws a curveball with a striking geometric design in bold black, red, and white, blending traditional piecing with a contemporary edge. Besides testing your quilting skills, this pattern injects handmade luxury into any room.

20. A Log Cabin for the 21st Century

Credits: Joyce Mori | FreePatterns.com

Put a modern twist on a classic favourite with this updated log cabin quilt pattern using unexpected colours and fabrics.

21. Scrappy Hole in the Barn Door

Credits: FreePatterns.com

Don’t toss those leftover fabric scraps! This classic yet slightly modified Barn Door pattern lets you put them to good use. It’s a neat way to add a bit of personality to your walls.

22. Tinsel Tree

Credits: Everyday Stitches

Can’t bring in a Christmas tree in your small space? Get into the holiday spirit with this festive wall-hanging quilt featuring a sparkling tinsel tree decorated with twinkling ornaments.

23. Prickly Pots

Credits: McKenna Ryan / Pine Needles

Show off your love for succulents with a quilt featuring adorable (but prickly) potted cacti. It’s perfect for adding a bit of greenery to any space, minus the maintenance.

24. Merry Wreath

Credits: sosaecaetano @ Etsy

Deck the halls with this festive quilt pattern featuring a beautiful wreath adorned with holly berries and pine cones. It’s a merry and bright addition to your winter holiday decor.

25. Beach Blanket Boogie

Credits: Kathy Brown | FreePatterns.com

Bring the sandy shores indoors with this fun and funky quilt that evokes the laid-back vibes of a relaxing beach day.

26. Welcome Door-Top Banner 

Credits: Marian Shenk | FreePatterns.com

Greet guests with a warm welcome using a personalised, handmade quilted banner to hang above your front door.

27. Sewing 101

Credits: KLee2Strings @ Etsy

Get ready to stitch fun with the Sewing 101 quilt pattern by Karen Lee of K Lee 2 Strings! Using fusible web appliqués, you’ll whip up vibrant sewing essentials in no time. It’s perfect for sprucing up your craft corner or adding a playful vibe to your workspace.

Tips to Decorate with Your Handmade Quilts as Wall Hangings

Don’t just tuck away those amazing quilts in the closet! We’ve got some handy tips for you to turn them into stunning wall hangings:

Pick a Spot: Look for a spot on your wall where people can admire it easily.

A smaller one might look great above a nightstand, while a larger one could be a showstopper in your living room.

Good lighting helps too! Natural light is nice, but avoid direct sunlight as it can fade the colours over time.

Ways to Hang: There are lots of ways to hang a quilt, but you don’t need anything fancy.

Sew a sleeve on the back to slip a dowel through. Picture hanging hooks work well too, or for a more relaxed look, try some decorative quilt hangers you might find at a craft store.

Just make sure whatever you choose can support the weight of your quilt.

Switch it Up: Why not switch them up with the seasons?

A lighter, brighter quilt might be perfect for summer, while a richer, warmer one could cosy up your space in winter. It can give your space a fresh look without a lot of effort.

Mix and Match: Mix ‘em up with other decor in your space. Hang a few smaller quilts together as a gallery wall, or layer a quilt over a piece of textured fabric for added depth.

You don’t want them to overwhelm the room, but you also don’t want them to get lost in the background.

Inspire Your Walls

And that’s all we have to show today – 25+ wall hanging quilt patterns guaranteed to transform your walls from drab to fab.

Whether you’re an experienced sewist looking for your next project or a wannabe eager to get into threadwork, with a little creativity and some elbow grease, you too can turn those boring old walls into stunning works of art.

Which quilt caught your eye? Do you have a favourite wall-hanging quilt you’ve made in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and if there are any other types of quilt patterns you’d love to see us feature, let us know!

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