30 Quick & Colourful Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

If you’ve got a soft spot for sewing and love for vibrant colours, you’re in for a treat because today, we’ll cover some of the most beautiful jelly roll patterns to take your next quilting projects up a notch.

Now, before you start picturing a quilt made of jelly rolls (although that sounds delicious), let’s clear things up.

In quilting lingo, a jelly roll refers to a bundle of 2½-inches wide fabric strips of various colours and designs, all perfectly pre-cut and rolled up like a sweet pastry, waiting to be sewn into something stunning.

So if you’ve recently purchased a jelly roll (or maybe a few!) and are itching to get quilting, buckle up – here are 30 quick and colourful jelly roll quilt patterns to get your creativity wheel rolling!

30 Stunning & Easy Jelly Roll Quilts For Busy Crafters

Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

1. Jelly Roll Twist

Credits: The Jolly Jabber

This FREE jelly roll quilt courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop is perfect for newbies! It uses just one jelly roll with simple pieces with quarter-inch seams and pressing, keeping things easy as pie.

It’s a great way to use up an entire jelly roll and end up with a stunning quilt.

2. Jelly Roll Twirl

Credits: The Jolly Jabber

This one’s another great pattern from Fat Quarter Shop, and it has a mesmerising twist – literally! Imagine the strips from your jelly roll twirling and turning to create a quilt that’s like peeking inside a kaleidoscope.

The pattern is free to download and is ideal for showing off all those beautiful prints!

3. Dueling Diamonds

Credits: Seams Sew Me

This pattern is all about letting those gorgeous jelly rolls of contrasting colours and prints take centre stage. It’s a surprisingly simple design utilising one block to create the illusion of two interlocking diamonds.

Plus, it’s rated for a “confident beginner”, so even inexperienced quilters can create a dazzling masterpiece. Diamonds are forever, and this quilt will definitely be a treasure!

4. Rolling Fields

Credits: Legacy Patterns

A classic patchwork quilt pattern reimagined, perfect for those who love wide-open spaces!

This uses two whole jelly rolls to create a big, beautiful quilt bursting with colours as if you’re looking out over a field of wildflowers.

The best part is that you don’t need to buy separate fabric for borders! 

This is a great choice for beginners or anyone who wants a quick and colourful project.

5. Fly the Flag

Credits: Amy Smart | Diary of a Quilter

Show off your patriotic spirits with a stunning American flag quilt that uses up your favourite red, white, and blue jelly rolls, plus some star blocks for a classy touch.

You can make as many stars as you like or keep it simple with stripes. Talk about freedom and flexibility all rolled into one!

6. QAYG (Quilt-As-You-Go) Strip 

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield | SewCanShe

Sew your strips right onto the backing and batting at the same time. Skip the whole “layering everything out” step – no separate piecing later!

This is a no-fuss project for using up a bunch of leftover jelly roll scraps and experimenting with various colour combos, and since you’re quilting as you go, you end up with a finishing quilt top in no time.

7. Blueberry Pie (Log Cabin Variation)

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield | SewCanShe

Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield of SewCanShe must’ve dreamed this up while craving a tasty treat.

Instead of the usual browns and beiges of a log cabin quilt, this pattern uses jelly roll strips to create a quilt filled with juicy blueberry colours.

It’s a fun and fruity take on a classic block, perfect for a summery quilt or a gift for someone fond of blueberries.

8. Cutting Corners

Credits: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

This one from Missouri Star Quilt Co. is a sneaky way to save time but in the best way possible.

The Cutting Corners pattern combines HSTs and strip sets to create beautiful quilt blocks.

Less cutting and more creative piecing for a quilt full of movement and personality!

9. Seaside Squares Lap

Credits: Jamie Sanders | Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Sounds like a delightful project to bring a little bit of the seashore, doesn’t it? Use your jelly roll to create a whole bunch of “square in square” blocks!

This beginner-friendly pattern is easy to make and comes together quickly, and the result is a quilt filled with colour and textures – reminiscent of calming blues and mossy greens.

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10. Jelly Weave

Credits: Allison | Cluck Cluck Sew

Achieve a beautiful woven basket look without any complicated piecing! Take strips from your favourite jelly rolls to build big quilt blocks that look interlaced.

It’s a clever trick that gives the quilt a stunning visual texture.

Perfect for beginners because the blocks are large and easy to handle, and it lets all those gorgeous jelly roll prints shine. Plus, it doesn’t take forever to make, and you can use one jelly roll or yardage, making it super versatile!

11. Flirty

Credits: Prairie Grass Patterns

This is a fun and flirty project, just like the name says! Use a bright and cheerful jelly roll to create a quilt with rows of charming plus (+) symbols.

This pattern is perfect for beginners and is sure to add a big, happy burst of sunshine to your room.

12. Jelly and Figs 

Credits: Fig Tree & Co.

This pattern uses your jelly roll to make bright pinwheel blocks in all sorts of colours.

It’s fast, fun, perfect for showing off all those awesome prints, and whipping up a quick and cheerful quilt that’ll spin some heads!

13. Playing the Scales

Credits: Rachel Slote-Brown | Stitch 2, Write 1

Playing the Scales is a quilt that takes the classic zig-zag up a notch! Instead of just sharp angles, it uses a softer, flowing zig-zag that’s super eye-catching.

The bold and soft fabrics create a quilt with stunning contrast and tons of visual interest.

This beauty comes together fast because it uses clever chain piecing to save you tons of time.

Perfect for quilters who love something quick and beautiful!

14. Jelly Roll Bargello

Credits: Linda Clements | Gathered.

Take all those hypnotising colours and patterns from your jelly roll and swirl them together into this mesmerising quilt. It’s like a waterfall of colours – that’s the Bargello!

It may look fancy, but with a jelly roll, all those stripes are pre-cut and ready to go, making this a shockingly achievable quilt for beginners and experienced quilters alike.

15. Patchwork Coaster

Credits: Quilting Digest

These patchwork coasters are a great way to utilise those leftover jelly roll scraps and make super-cute gifts. Plus, they’re versatile.

You can easily adjust the size to make trivets or even placemats.

Bring a little splash of colour and personality to your coffee table – that’s the beauty of patchwork coasters!

16. Umbrella-Friendly Patio Topper

Credits: Moda Fabrics

Enjoying the shade and adding a pop of colour to your outdoor space – all with one project!

It’s basically another patchwork quilt designed specifically for your patio table, with a small cut-out that drapes around your umbrella pole, leaving the centre free for shade.

This is a neat project for using your jelly roll and creating something classy for your patio without giving up on functionality.

17. Cuddle Up

Credits: Alice Hadley | Gathered.

A classic baby quilt made of jelly rolls of soft, sweet pastel prints with some cosy linen fabric.

It’s as stylish as snuggly, perfect for anyone who wants to make a gift for a baby shower or a new mom looking to keep their own little one snug as a bug.

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18. Jelly Roll Cross-Hatch

Credits: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Are you looking for another quick, easy quilt to sew on weekends?

This Robert Kaufman Fabrics pattern uses alternating dark and light jelly roll strips to achieve a classic, vibrant chequerboard effect.

The PDF is free to download and a breeze to quilt for beginners!

19. Watermarks

Credits: Antler Quilt Design

Imagine a quilt with a cool, watery design that captures the beauty of a spring shower.

Inspired by raindrops trickling down a window, this pattern uses pre-cut strips (perfect for jelly rolls) to create a design that’s classic, calming, and beautiful.

Definitely the one to add to your quilting bucket list!

20. Hearts at Home

Credits: Chelsi Stratton

All you need is two jelly rolls to stitch a quilt with sweet little hearts peeking out from the centre of each block.

It’s a charming design that’s surprisingly easy, even for beginners – and it’s sure to warm hearts and bring the warmth of love to any room!

21. Rainbow Stars

Credits: Lynne Hagmeier | Kansas Troubles Quilters

This quilt uses those 2½” pre-cut strips of all the rainbow colours sewn together, along with some randomly placed adorable star blocks for a quick and dazzling quilt.

Perfect for anyone who loves rainbows and wants a quilt that’s as unique as they are.

22. Jelly Belly Bars

Credits: The Jolly Jabber

Now that’s a sweet treat for your quilting senses! Use just one jelly roll and a solid jolly bar to create adorable quilt blocks resembling rows of candy bars.

It’s a beginner-friendly pattern suitable for anyone who wants a bit of whimsy and a whole lot of colours in their quilts.

23. Scrappy Triangles 

Credits: Melissa | The Polka Dot Chair

Make yourself a comfy lap quilt out of a jelly roll and triangles cut from those colourful bits you have left over from other projects.

Simple piecing makes it very easy for newbies, and the pattern is free to download!

24. Jelly Roll Strip

Credits: See Kate Sew

This is a quilt for the impatient quilter that comes together in practically an afternoon, all thanks to the magic of pre-cut jelly roll strips.

And you’ll have some extra fabric from the jelly roll afterwards, so use it for a scrappy-themed quilt!

25. Kisses

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield | SewCanShe

Pucker up for the Kisses quilt pattern! This quick and easy geometric design uses half a jelly roll of your favourite prints for the “kisses” and a solid-coloured jelly roll (or some extra fabric) for the contrasting background.

No advanced piecing is involved, meaning you’ll be smooching the quilt top together in no time!

26. Rails and Ribbons

Credits: Heather Valentine | The Sewing Loft

Show your patriotism and create something beautiful at the same time with this amazing quilt pattern by The Sewing Loft.

This free, throw-sized pattern features a stunning design that meets the requirements of the Quilts of Valour programme.

So not only will you be quilting, but you’ll also be stitching up a heartfelt message of thanks to a hero who deserves it. Now that’s something to be proud of!

27. Patchwork Garden

Credits: Sherri | A Quilting Life

Bust out those jelly rolls full of bright, cheerful prints and craft an ever-blooming garden of patchwork blocks!

This pattern uses strip piecing to keep things simple and is ideal for those looking to bring floral charm into their decor.

28. Sunny Skies

Credits: Megan Pitz @ Canoe Ridge Creations | Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Use strips from your jelly roll collection in all sorts of happy yellows, oranges, reds, greens, and blues to stitch a quilt that’s like a mini patchwork sky, bringing a ray of sunshine to any room, no matter the season!

29. Sudoku

Credits: Carole | From My Carolina Home

A quilt that’s like a giant Sudoku puzzle you can solve with your quilting muscles!

This pattern uses squares and strips from your jelly roll to create fun and colourful blocks that fit together perfectly.

This pattern is all about squares and straight lines, so no need to worry about tricky curves. Plus, you can adjust the size to fit your jelly roll and skill level.

30. Jellied Lone Star

Credits: Terri Ann | Moda Fabrics

Saving the best for last, we have the Jellied Lone Star from Moda Fabrics! This pattern lets your favourite jelly roll take centre stage, with its gorgeous prints radiating out from a central star.

This beautiful starburst pattern might look complex, but it’s relatively straightforward to quilt, all thanks to the magic of pre-cut jelly roll strips. It’s sure to be a star in your home and a conversation starter!

Roll Out The Fun!

Whew, that was a whirlwind of 30 colourful jelly roll quilts, wasn’t it? We’ve seen everything from dazzling rainbow stars to cuddly baby quilts to scrappy patchwork gardens, all made with the magic of jelly rolls.

Hopefully, this list sparked a fire in your creative belly and you’re itching to grab those jelly rolls and get stitching!

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got tons of other quilt ideas on our site, so if you’re still hungry for inspiration, be sure to poke around and see what else catches your eye.

And hey, if you tackled one of these jelly roll patterns, leave a comment below telling us all about it. Bonus points for social media links to your amazing creations!

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