30 Fabulous Totally Free Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

Layer cakes, those pre-cut 10-inch squares of fabric, make quilting a breeze for newbies as they save a ton of cutting time. If you’ve recently got yourself a bundle of beautiful layer cake and are itching to turn it into a stunning quilt, you’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up 30 fabulous, totally free layer cake quilt patterns, all perfect for quilters who are just starting out.

These beauties are quick to stitch up, don’t require fancy piecing techniques, and will have you feeling proud as a peacock with your finished project. So without any more fuss, let’s get to it!

30 Fabulous Free Layer Cake Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Free Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

1. Candy Swirls (Splendid Speck)

Credits: Suzanne Jackman | Moda Fabrics

Yum! This pattern combines pinwheel blocks and layer cake squares to create a quilt that’s as sweet as candy.

2. Salt Air Lattice (Mommy by Day)

Credits: Ashley | Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night

Beachy vibes for your quilt! Easy piecing with coastal-themed layer cake squares creates a classic lattice design.

3. Layer Cake Lollies (Fat Quarter Shop) 

Credits: Kate Shaw | Fat Quarter Shop

Fun and fast, this pattern uses squares from your layer cake to create a quilt that resembles colourful lollipops.

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4. Layer Cake Stacker (Aunt Em’s Quilts) 

Credits: Aunt Em’s Quilts

Simple strips and squares from your layer cake come together in a quick and easy quilt, perfect for beginners to sew!

5. Spring Picnic (It’s Only Fabric and Thread)

Credits: Katherine | It’s Only Fabric and Thread

Fresh and delightful, this quilt is like a breath of spring air. With its easy strip piecing, it’s a great way to use up some of those favourite fabrics in your stash.

6. Star Chain (Material Girl Quilts)

Credits: Amanda | Material Girl Quilts

This pattern combines charming star blocks with an Irish chain motif, all made from your layer cake squares. It’s a great way to practice matching seams and add some traditional charm to your quilt!

7. Pyramids (Moda Fabrics)

Credits: Melissa | Happy Quilting

This stunning geometric pattern from Moda Fabrics uses clever yet simple piecing techniques with layer cake squares to create a dynamic quilt that resembles a field of pyramids. Perfect for showing off those modern prints!

8. Peaches & Cream (Simple Simon & Co.)

Credits: Elizabeth & Liz | Simple Simon & Company

This quilt is a breeze! Just 25 squares and some sashing fabric from your layer cake come together for a delightful lap-sized quilt. Perfect for beginners.

9. Layer Cake Lemonade (Fat Quarter Shop)

Credits: Fat Quarter Shop

Just about the perfect pattern to use up your entire layer cake bundle! With just squares, rectangles, and some easy piecing, you’ll end up with a cheerful, refreshing quilt.

10. Wildflower Crowns (Moda Fabrics)

Credits: Moda Fabrics

Moda brings the floral charm! This pattern uses creative piecing techniques with your layer cake squares to assemble a quilt that looks like a blooming meadow.

11. Clustered Gems (Moonkin Stitchery)

Credits: Moonkin Stitchery

This beginner-friendly pattern uses simple fabric placement to create sparkling gem-like squares. It’s awesome for showing off those bright, fun prints.

12. Giant Bear Paw (The Polka Dot Chair)

Credits: Melissa Mortenson | The Polka Dot Chair

This cuddly pattern uses squares from your layer cake to create a playful quilt that looks like a giant, huggable bear paw. Perfect for a kid’s room or anyone who loves bears!

13. Kaleidoscope (Robert Kaufman Fabrics)

Credits: Elise Lea | Robert Kaufman Fabrics

This free quilt pattern from Elise Lea lives up to its name! With its easy half-square triangle blocks of various made of various layer cakes, it creates a mesmerising explosion of colour and pattern.

14. Layer Cake Coin (She Quilts A Lot)

Credits: Peta Peace | She Quilts A Lot

This quick and easy pattern uses your entire layer cake to create a charming quilt with a scattered “coin” design. Great for beginners and perfect as a baby or lap quilt!

(Note: Pattern is no longer free, but available for just $1. That’s cheaper than a cup of coffee nowadays! And besides, there are many other free options on this list!)

15. Love LayerCake™ (Moda Fabrics)

Credits: Amazon

Another classic Moda pattern that uses basic piecing with squares and background fabric to create a bold and lovely quilt. Additionally, the downloadable PDF to this free pattern includes two smaller versions, Charm and MiniCharm™, for those interested.

16. Jolly Pinwheels (A Bright Corner)

Credits: A Bright Corner

This fast-to-sew pattern utilises layer cake squares to craft pinwheel blocks, great if you wish to add a touch of whimsy to your quilt. It even includes a clever trick for making half-square triangles at the same time!

17. Chevron (Patchwork Posse)

Credits: Becky | Patchwork Posse

Don’t let chevrons intimidate you! This pattern incorporates strategic fabric placement of layer cake squares to achieve a classic chevron design. With a bit of planning and layout, you’ll have a stunning quilt that looks more complex than it is.

18. Ring Bearer (Laundry Basket Quilts)

Credits: Laundry Basket Quilt

Looking for a handmade wedding gift or a baby quilt? In this pattern, layer cake squares combine with accent fabrics to stitch a charming quilt with interlocking rings, perfect for special occasions.

19. Jumble (A Bright Corner)

Credits: Andy | A Bright Corner

This quilt is a party in fabric form! Simply cut up your layer cake squares of various fun prints and piece them however you please for a one-of-a-kind quilt that reflects your unique style.

20. Blooming Flower Boxes (Moda Fabrics)

Credits: Moda Fabrics

This pattern uses very easy piecing techniques with your layer cake squares to create a quilt that overflows with blooming flower boxes. Perfect for the flower lover in your life.

21. Moon Cake (Ruby Star Society)

Credits: thepaintedbuntingstudio @ Instagram

Designed by Alexia Marcelle Abegg of Ruby Star Society, this unique, flashy pattern uses HSTs (half-square triangles) for a quick and pretty quilt that’s perfect for showing off those lovely fabrics in your layer cake bundle.

22. Retro Indigo (Liberty Fabrics) 

Credits: Liberty Fabrics | LoveCrafts

This Liberty Fabrics pattern uses fat eights (fabric bundles similar to layer cakes but with smaller squares) but could potentially be adapted for layer cake squares to create a quilt with a cool, retro vibe.

While not technically a layer cake pattern, it’s a great example of how you can use pre-cut fabrics like charm packs or jelly rolls for quick and stylish quilts! However, be sure to check the pattern details and fabric requirements before diving in!

23. Shuffle Quilt (Sparrow Studioz)

Credits: Matt & Bradie Sparrow | APQS

This one’s all about fun and flexibility for beginners! It combines different-sized strips cut from layer cake squares of various colours to achieve alternating blocks for a scrappy quilt. Perfect for using up all those leftover bits and pieces!

The pattern above is available for free download on the APQS website.

24. Layer Cake Loop (Fat Quarter Shop)

Credits: Fat Quarter Shop

This is a Shortcut Quilt that’s perfect for beginners!  With just a few clever seams, your layer cake squares transform into a stunning loop design. It’s a great way to use up your favourite fabric collection and have a finished quilt in no time.

25. Autumnal (Coriander Quilts)

Credits: Corey | Coriander Quilts

This quilt captures the beauty and cosiness of fall with its warm and inviting colour palette. Simple piecing techniques with squares and rectangles from your layer cake make it an awesome project for quilters of all skill levels.

26. Layer Cake Pop (Fat Quarter Shop) 

Credits: Fat Quarter Shop

Sometimes the simplest ideas create the most stunning quilts. Bursting with stars, this starter-friendly pattern cleverly arranges squares and triangles to create a cheerful quilt. It’s a cool pattern to showcase your favourite layer cakes.

27. His & Hers (The Polka Dot Chair)

Credits: The Polka Dot Chair

This is a cute idea for anyone looking for layer cake quilt patterns for two!  This pattern uses distinct colour palettes and easy stitching to create a set of matching quilts, perfect for a gift or to decorate a little boy’s and girl’s room.

28. Layer Cake Spools (Fat Quarter Shop)

Credits: Fat Quarter Shop

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a little challenge or a seasoned quilter wanting a quick and fun project, check this out – it uses creative cutting methods with layer cake squares for a quilt with thread spool motifs.

It’s the best gift for a fellow sewist and those trying to show off their quilty charm through their home decor.

29. Snuggly Pre-Cut Layer Cake (The Polka Dot Chair)

Credits: The Polka Dot Chair

This pattern offers a cosy and cuddly quilt good for beginners who also want to improve their piecing. It uses simple pre-cut squares and rectangles cut from your layer cake to create a quick and delightful finished product.

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30. Stargazer (Laundry Basket Quilts) 

Credits: Edyta Sitar | Laundry Basket Quilts

A traditional quilt pattern that features layer cake squares cut and pieced into stunning star blocks, creating a quilt that evokes the magic of a clear night sky. Showcase those beautiful batiks or other fabrics with a celestial feel. It’s perfect for a dreamy bedroom decor or an inspiring gift for a space enthusiast!

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Sew Many Choices!

Wowza! That’s a whole lot of free layer quilt inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

With 30 unique patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal project to match your sewing skill and fabric stash. And this is just a taste of the fantastic free patterns you’ll find out there!

The beauty of layer cakes is their simplicity, so grab your favourite one, a rotary cutter and mat, and see those beautiful squares of various colours and patterns transform into a stunning quilt.

We’d also love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below which free pattern caught your eye, or share a picture of your own layer cake quilt project.

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