20+ Lovely Sunflower Quilt Patterns You’d Want to Try

Sunflowers! Just thinking about those happy blooms brings a smile to our faces. And what better way to capture that sunny feeling than by stitching up a beautiful sunflower quilt?

Whether you’re a well-equipped quilter or a happy beginner looking to add a splash of sunshine to your next project, you’re in luck because we’ve handpicked the perfect sunflower quilt designs and brought them into one place.

Without further ado, here are 20+ lovely sunflower quilt patterns to brighten your day (and maybe your living room!). These beauties will bring cheer and warmth to any room they grace.

20+ Dazzling Sunflower Quilt Patterns You’d Want to Try

Sunflower Quilt Patterns

1. Simple Sunflower Block

Credits: Julie Cefalu | The Crafty Quilter

This is a fantastic pattern for beginners! It uses just a few squares and triangles to create a charming sunflower block that’s perfect for quilts, pillows, or even tote bags.

2. Dresden Sunflower

Credits: American Quilter’s Society

This timeless design features Dresden plate blocks arranged in a sunflower pattern, creating a quilt that’s as elegant as it is charming. If you’re looking to try your hand at learning new quilting techniques, go for this one!

3. Sunflower Mosaic

Credits: Handzon

Show off your quilting skills with the Sunflower Mosaic pattern – featuring intricate mosaic-style blocks of unique colours and textures that blend to create a stunning sunflower motif.

4. Sunflower Garden

Credits: The Sewing Studio

This playful pattern features a whole field of sunflowers, all swaying gently in the summer breeze. It’s a great choice for a larger quilt that will be a true conversation starter.

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5. Scrappy Sunflowers

Credits: Vanessa Goertzen | Lella Boutique

Love the scrappy look? This one’s for you! Pull out those leftover colourful fabrics from your stash to stitch up a sunflower quilt bursting with personality.

6. Sunflower Pinwheel

Credits: Freemotion by the River | Connie Kresin Campbell

Feeling adventurous? Perfect for a table topper, this pattern features a simple sunflower appliqué as the centrepiece, surrounded by classic pinwheel blocks.

The echoing machine stitch also adds to the sense of windy movement.

7. Sunflower Burst

Credits: Tweetle Dee Design Co.

Looking for something a little more dynamic? The Sunflower Burst pattern creates a stunning sunflower in full bloom, with petals radiating outwards in a burst of sunshine.

While the above image is of a barn quilt, you can totally adapt the design to a traditional fabric quilt!

8. Sunflower Mini

Credits: Becky Smith | Bobbin in Quilts

Short on time but still want to soak up some sunflower goodness? This pint-sized project has got you covered, ideal for using up scraps and experimenting with new stitching techniques on a small scale.

Hang it on your wall, use it as a table topper, or gift it to a fellow quilt lover – do whatever pleases you!

9. Sunflower Patchwork

Credits: Bridget Murphy | ABC Upper Hunter

This cheerful design features various sunflower blocks arranged in a pleasant-looking patchwork pattern.

It’s perfect for those who love to play with different fabrics and patterns, resulting in a quilt that’s as unique as beautiful.

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10. Sunflower Appliqué  

Credits: Pine Needles / McKenna Ryan

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern aesthetic, this one will find its place in just about any quilter’s collection.

The design incorporates stunning sunflower appliqués that appear to float gracefully across the quilt top, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.

11. Sunflower Chains

Credits: Butterfly Threads Quilting

Teleport yourself to a field of sunflowers with this lovely quilt pattern that features classic blossoming sunflower blocks connected by Irish chains, creating a beautiful and cohesive quilt. It’s super easy to work on and will brighten up any space!

12. Nine-Patch Sunflower

Source: Pinterest

This clever pattern uses the familiar nine-patch block arranged randomly surrounding a sunflower centrepiece to create an eye-catching quilt.

It’s a great opportunity to use some of those old fabric scraps you’ve been saving!

13. Sunny Daydreams

Credits: Fabric Cafe Inc.

If you’re on the hunt for a project with a bit more complexity, this stunning sunflower quilt is a dream, with pre-cut sunflower blocks arranged in combination with the classic stepping stone pattern.

The result will surely leave you feeling warm and happy for the rest of the day!

14. Sunflower Half Log Cabin

Credits: Amish Country Lanes

Another unique design that puts a twist on the traditional log cabin block by incorporating sunny sunflower motifs.

The warmer, more earthly colour palette succeeds in bringing a rustic charm to your home.

15. Baby Sunflower

Credits: Quilts That Count @ Etsy

Welcome the newest family member with this adorable baby quilt design, featuring sweet, cheerful sunflower-themed squares surrounded by soft, cuddly fabrics.

Whether you’re making it for your own bundle of joy or as a heartfelt gift, this quilt is sure to wrap them in warmth and comfort, treasured for years to come.

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16. Batik Sunflower

Credits: Jennifer Fulton | The Inquiring Quilter

This stunning design showcases the beauty of sunflowers using vibrant batik fabrics. Perfect for quilters looking to utilise more colour and texture in their projects.

17. Hattie’s Sunflowers

Credits: Jenny Doan | Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Experience the joy of summer with Missouri Star’s Hattie’s Sunflowers pattern! Colourful sunflower petals dance on long, slender stems in this delightful design.

Utilising half-square triangles and jelly roll strips, quilting this is as refreshing as a summer breeze through a sunflower field!

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18. Cheery Sunflower Table Runner

Credits: American Patchwork & Quilting

Brighten up your dining area with the cheery disposition of sunflowers!

This nature-inspired cheery table runner features three lively sunflower blocks that’ll make your boring old table lively and joyful. Plus, it comes together quickly and is ideal for a weekend project.

19. Sunflower by Sharon Holland

Credits: Art Gallery Quilts, LLC

Bring the radiance of an ever-blooming sunflower field with flying geese blocks and colourful floral fabrics!

This masterpiece from Sharon Holland’s “Signature” collection is bursting with creativity and skill – a bold statement piece that’s more than just a cosy cover.

20. Sunflower Seeds 

Credits: The Pattern Basket @ Instagram

Plant some sunshine right into your home with this enchanting pattern! What’s great about this is its simplicity – designed for easy machine piecing without any fancy tricks, making it ideal for beginners.

21. Paper-Pieced Sunflower

Credits: Kohatu Patterns @ Etsy

This one’s all about precision and detail! With paper piecing, the quilt achieves perfect points and sharp edges, bringing the sunflower to life with every stitch.

22. Fall Garden

Credits: Sew N Quilt Shop @ Etsy

Combining the lushness of autumn with the vibrant beauty of summer flowers, this cosy and visually striking quilt aptly captures the essence of the harvest season with alternating blocks of apples and sunflowers.

23. Sew Sunny Block

Credits: blau.bear.nka @ Instagram

Yet another scrappy quilt pattern utilising two classic blocks – sunflower and spool.

The whimsical combination is a creative way to showcase your love for sewing and sunflowers (and emptying your scrap bins!).

Quilt On, Sunshines!

That’s all we got for today – a roundup of 20+ amazing sunflower quilt patterns that’ll add a pop of sunshine to any space, be it your living room, bedroom, or even your office.

They’re guaranteed to turn some heads and lift their spirits.

Some designs we’ve highlighted above are a bit more challenging than usual, but the wow factor is totally worth it.

Plus, there are plenty of other fantastic, easy-to-sew patterns to choose from!  So, grab your fabrics and let your creativity shine!

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