20+ Mini Quilt Patterns For Quick Weekend Sewing

Alright, quilters, listen up! We all love the satisfaction of a finished quilt, but sometimes tackling a big project can feel a little daunting. In fact, we’ve all been there. 

That’s where mini quilts come in! If you’ve got the itch to stitch something up but are short on time, these adorable little quilts are superb for a quick weekend project, stash-busting fun, or handmade gifts. And they’re great for beginners and seasoned quilters alike!

Below, we’ve rounded up 20+ fabulous mini quilt patterns you can up in a jiffy, all perfect for a relaxing weekend of stitching fun (and jazz up your space in the process!).

20+ Mini Quilt Patterns You Can Make in a Weekend

Mini Quilt Patterns

1. Scrappy Apples Mini

Credits: Andy | A Bright Corner

Looking for a fall-tastic project? This mini quilt features cute little apple blocks made from fabric scraps.

It’s the perfect pick for using up those leftover bits and pieces and creating a charming mini quilt. More on the pattern on A Bright Corner’s blog!

2. Mini Scrap Quilt

Credits: Beverly McCullough | Flamingo Toes

Another fantastic pattern for anyone with a box full of fabric scraps begging to be used!

It uses the foundation paper piecing technique (don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds!) to turn even those little fabric bits and bobs in your stash into a beautiful, intricately designed quilt.

3. Lost in Wonderland

Credits: Melissa | The Polka Dot Chair

Fall down the rabbit hole with this mini quilt by The Polka Dot Chair! Featuring a simple star block design, it makes for a delightful weekend project that’ll transport you to a world of tea parties, mad hatters, and grinning cats. Perfect for quilters of all skill levels.

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4. Dresden Mini 

Credits: Sarah Ashford | The Polka Dot Chair

This pattern, also by The Polka Dot Chair, takes a classic Dresden Plate design and shrinks it down to mini quilt size. Dresden blocks are known for their beautiful layered petals, which create a stunning focal point, even on a small quilt. Pick this one if you’re looking for some challenge.

5. Ruffle Doll

Credits: Sedef Imer | Down Grapevine Lane

This adorable mini quilt isn’t just a quilt, it’s a doll-sized bedspread and slumber sack all in one! Perfect for little ones who love to tuck their dolls in at night.

The pattern features patchwork squares with a fun ruffled edge.

It’s great as a quick charming gift or a fun holiday project for the kids to help with.

6. Gretel Mini

Credits: Beverly McCullough | Flamingo Toes

Love the folk-art aesthetics? This mini quilt pattern from Flamingo Toes is all about showing off a beautiful fabric collection, like Amy Smart’s Gretel line.

It might also be your golden opportunity to use those fat quarters of various prints and colours you’ve had lying around!

7. Candygram

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield | SewCanShe

Sweeten up your space with this eye-catching mini quilt by Heidi Staples of Fabric Mutt. Inspired by a roll of yummy Sweet Tarts candies, this pattern uses colourful fabric strips sewn together for a fun and whimsical design.

It’s excellent as a Valentine’s Day decor or a gift for someone with a serious sweet tooth.

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8. Springtime Showers

Credits: Amy Chappell | Ameroonie Designs

Let’s bring on the spring showers with those colourful fabric pieces! This playful mini quilt pattern features vibrant umbrella blocks and flying geese triangles, celebrating the arrival of spring. It makes a lovely wall hanging or table topper!

9. Dwell

Credits: Sedef Imer | Down Grapevine Lane

This one’s all about sweetness and charm. It uses affordable prints from Penny Rose Fabrics’ “Milk, Sugar, and Flower” line, featuring bunnies and kittens frolicking amongst floral-themed cottages. Ideal for a child’s quilt!

10. Sew Mojo

Credits: Suzy Quilts

Spend your weekend honing your craft! Suzy Quilts’ Sew Mojo is a series of four mini quilt patterns designed to teach basic quilting techniques as well as loosen up some of the rules and conventions that can slow down sewists who are just starting out.

11. Mini Bookshelf

Credits: Laura | Slice of Pi Quilts

Featuring a miniature bookshelf with colourful books stacked on it, this mini quilt pattern is perfect for quilters of varying skills and can be a neat way to use up fabric scraps.

You can hang the finished quilt, use it as a table topper, or gift it to a librarian friend or anyone who loves books!

12. Friendship

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield | SewCanShe

The Friendship mini quilt is a small project suitable for beginners. It features a charming Friendship Star block in the centre made with HSTs and squares. The finished quilt will do great as a mug rug, wall hanging, or even a doll quilt!

13. Sawtooth Star Mini

Credits: Simple Simon & Co.

The Sawtooth Star is a classic quilt block design (it’s been around since the late 1800s!) known for its pointed star shape. A mini version sounds just about right for a weekend sewing project for those who want to create this beautiful and traditional quilt without too much time and effort.

14. Pinwheel Mini

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield | SewCanShe

This mini quilt uses classic Pinwheel blocks made by stitching half-square triangles in a spinning formation. SewCanShe’s version is novice-friendly, with clear instructions and easy-to-cut fabric pieces. The result is mini-sized, just right for a sweet little mug rug for your coffee table!

15. Berry Baskets

Credits: Sherri | A Quilting Life

Bursting with colourful fabrics, little woven squares and strips come together to create those sweet basket blocks. This quilt is great for holding… well, anything you can dream up in a mini quilt world! It’s a great stash buster, so dig into your old fabric collection and pick out all those prints that make your heart sing.

16. Nine-Patch Mini

Credits: Amy Smart | Diary of a Quilter

Whip up this quick and easy mini quilt from the one and only Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter! Use pre-cut squares sewn in a 3×3 grid for a classic patchwork look. Beginners will love this one.

17. Rainbow

Credits: Woodberry Way

Feeling lucky? Celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day with this festive mini quilt. Woodberry Way’s pattern features a rainbow pieced in a curve with colourful fabric strips, so you better bring out the best ones from your collection for this project!

18. Circle of Fun Delight

Credits: Sachiko | Tea Rose Home

This particular mini quilt breaks the mould with circles made from pie-shaped fabric wedges of contrasting designs and colours.

A simple yet unique pattern for anyone who wants to try something new with more fun and funky quilts.

19. Mini Heart

Credits: Megan Pitz | Canoe Ridge Creations

Looking for a heartfelt mini quilt to express your love for the special one?

This pattern from Canoe Ridge Creations could be the perfect one – a sweet and simple quilt with a heart as the centrepiece, made from classic red fabrics of varying designs.

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20. Turning Triangles

Credits: Melissa Mortenson | We All Sew

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous – We All Sew’s Turning Triangles mini quilt uses pre-cut squares that you transform into cool little triangles. Then you arrange them in a fun, modern design for a mini quilt that’s anything but ordinary.

21. Rainy Days

Credits: Nadra Ridgeway | Elis & Higgs

A cosy quilt adorned with fluffy clouds and gentle raindrops, just like those in a soothing summer shower. It’s a breeze to make, especially for beginners, and it’s a lovely way to put those leftover fabric bits to good use.

Simply gather up some shades of blue and grey, and you’re all set. Plus, you can easily transform it into a charming wall hanging or a cute pillow to brighten up any space!

22. Criss-Cross

Credits: Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield

Yet another SewCanShe pattern that uses simple half-square triangles to create a beautiful criss-cross design. Perfect for showing off all those colourful pre-cuts you’ve been saving for future quilts. Easy piecing makes it a great weekend project for quilters of all levels.

Quilt On!

That’s just a taste of the amazing mini quilt patterns out there! For now, these 20+ examples of various styles and themes are sure enough to jumpstart your creativity and get your sewing machine humming. With a quick web search, you can find the complete pattern and fabric requirements for each design.

We’d love to see your mini quilt creations! Share your finished projects or any questions you have in the comments below. Let’s keep the quilting inspiration flowing!

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