30 Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom

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We’ve all been there – the daily battle against overflowing drawers and lipsticks rolling under the sink. Whether you’re dealing with limited counter space or just trying to find a home for all those beauty products, it can be a real challenge.

Don’t worry, this post has got you covered when it comes to conquering bathroom clutter! We’ve curated 30 genius makeup storage ideas for your small bathroom to transform it into an organized oasis.

No matter if you’re a minimalist with a few favorite products or a beauty guru with a rainbow of palettes, we’ve got DIY hacks and space-saving tricks to keep everything within reach, and looking fabulous!


First Things First: Declutter Before You Organise

Alright, makeup lovers with mini bathrooms, take a deep breath! Before we dive headfirst into storage solutions, let’s address the not-so-glamourous first step: decluttering.

Trust us, this might be the most important step for creating a truly functional, relaxing makeup zone.

Declutter Before You Organise

Think of it like this: if you try to organize a messy room by shoving everything into drawers, it’s still a mess, right?

The same goes for your makeup. By decluttering, you’ll free up space for the things you use and enjoy, making it easier to find everything and create a system that works for you.

But to get there, you must make some tough decisions.

First, if that mascara is dry as a desert crisp, toss it! Makeup expires, and holding onto old products can be unhygienic and cause skin irritation. Look for expiration dates or toss anything open for longer than a year (for liquid products) or two (for powder products).

Second, take a good look at what you use regularly. Do you genuinely use that bright blue eyeshadow or hairspray you bought on a whim?

If it’s been sitting untouched for months (or years), it might be time to let it go.

Keeping only your go-to items will make your daily routine smoother and keep your space tidier.

Makeup bags and drawers are notorious for harboring ancient lipsticks and mascaras. Give those areas a good once-over and say goodbye to anything expired or unused. You can also give away anything that still can be used.

In fact, shelters and women’s organizations often accept gently used makeup donations!

By decluttering, not only will you be left with a more manageable makeup stash, but you might also discover some hidden gems in your collection.

And besides, a decluttered space makes for a calmer space – perfect for that relaxing morning makeup routine. Your future, organized self will thank you!

30 Cool Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom

Organize Your Bathroom Like a Pro with These 30 Makeup Storage Solutions

Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom

Ready to turn your cluttered bathroom into a neat and tidy beauty haven? Let’s get into it!

1. Tiered Trays

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Tired of playing Jenga with your makeup every morning?

Tiered trays are lifesavers!

They give you vertical storage space on your countertop or under the sink, allowing you to stack your most-used products, e.g., lipsticks, glosses, or eyeliners, within easy reach.

2. Clear Containers

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Decant your everyday products into clear containers.

Not only will you see everything at a glance, but you can also group by type (blush, foundation, etc.) for a neater appearance.

No more digging for that perfect shade of eyeshadow!

3. Magnetic Makeup Board 

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Metal tins or magnetic boards can be lifesavers for storing bobby pins, brushes, palettes, and other magnetic-closure makeup.

You no longer have to dig into your drawers – just stick and grab! Plus, it’s a fun way to display and organise your products, keeping them off the counter.

4. Over-the-Door Organisers

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Don’t waste precious door space!

Over-the-door organisers with clear pockets or shelves are excellent for storing brushes, cotton swabs, tissue wipes, and makeup essentials, among other toiletries.

Easy to grab what you need, and keep things off the counter.

5. Shower Caddy

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Repurpose a shower caddy by hanging it on the wall or inside a cabinet door to store everyday makeup products.

This one’s a budget-friendly option, too.

6. DIY Pegboard

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Those aren’t just for tools anymore!

Get a pegboard installed on the bathroom wall, then add hooks, shelves, and small baskets to create your own custom makeup storage solution that matches your needs and style.

7. Makeup Brush Holders

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Keep your brushes upright and dust-free in a stylish brush holder.

Look for one that complements your bathroom décor or a fancy option to add some personality.

8. Repurposed Mason Jars

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Agree or not – mason jars are the ultimate DIY storage solution!

Use them to hold cotton balls and makeup sponges or organise beauty tools like tweezers and eyelash curlers.

Line them up on a shelf or the counter for a charming, rustic look.

9. Vintage Tin Boxes

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Vintage tins look charming and keep your makeup organised.

Use them to store cotton rounds, Q-tips, or those bath bombs you use for your weekend spas.

10. Under-Shelf Baskets

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Instead of letting valuable space go to waste, install under-shelf baskets to store taller items like hairspray, setting spray, hair styling tools, or bulkier makeup items you don’t need daily.

11. Vanity Mirror

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Opt for a vanity mirror with built-in storage compartments.

This is a space-saving solution that keeps your makeup hidden but easily accessible at the same time.

Plus, you can enjoy a clear view of your gorgeous self while getting ready.

12. Suction Cup Organisers

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These organizers stick to your bathroom mirror or tiles using suction cups.

They’re awesome for holding brushes, lipsticks, highlighters, and other small items, freeing up valuable counter space.

13. Rotating Makeup Caddy

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A rotating caddy (or a lazy Susan) keeps your makeup organized and accessible.

Just spin it around to find exactly what you need, and it’s compact enough for small bathrooms.

14. Over-the-Faucet Shelf

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An over-the-faucet shelf will give you extra storage space on your bathroom counter.

Use it to organise your daily makeup and health essentials and keep things tidy.

15. Command Hooks

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Command hooks are your clutter-free BFFs!

Stick them on the wall, bathroom door, or inside a cabinet door to hand makeup bags, headbands, necklaces, etc.

They’re also as easy to remove as install.

16. Shower Curtain Tension Rod + Curtain Clips

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Here’s a clever DIY!

Install a tension rod inside your closet and use curtain clips to hang small baskets or containers for organizing cotton swabs, makeup wipes, headbands, brushes, hair ribbons, necklaces, or smaller makeup items.

17. Stackable Organiser Bins

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Maximise vertical space in smaller bathrooms with stackable organizers.

Use different sizes to create compartments for various types of makeup – blushes, eye shadow palettes, foundation bottles, etc.

They’ll fit nicely in cabinets or under the sink.

18. Caboodle Case

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Remember those clear plastic containers? Get a cute Caboodle or makeup train case to store those small everyday essentials. It’s portable and keeps everything neatly contained.

19. Floating Shelves

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Install a few floating shelves on your bathroom wall.

It’ll let you keep your makeup and other beauty products within reach without using up counter space.

20. Ice Cube Trays

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Repurpose an ice cube tray for your makeup essentials!

Fill each compartment with bobby pins, rings, necklaces, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and smaller accessories for a cute and organized display.

21. Spice Racks

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Similarly, you can repurpose a spice rack for makeup storage! The small shelves are ideal for holding bottles, tubes, and other products, keeping them neat and visible.

22. Tiered Acrylic Risers

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Acrylic risers are clear shelves that elevate your makeup, giving you a better view of everything.

Use them to showcase your favorite palette and perfumes, or organise skincare products.

23. Makeup Fridge

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For those heat-sensitive products, consider a mini makeup fridge!

It’ll keep your skincare essentials, such as serums, eye creams, and sheet masks, cool and fresh.

24. Bamboo Drawer Inserts

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Bamboo inserts are classy and eco-friendly. Use them to divide and arrange your makeup in the bathroom drawers, keeping everything in its place and easy to find.

25. Bathroom Caddy on Wheels

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For ultimate flexibility, try a mobile bathroom caddy on wheels. Store everyday products, hair tools, or even a small trash can – roll it wherever you need it!

26. Stacked Canister

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Tiered canisters with clear lids are perfect for hair accessories, nail polish, makeup sponges, or storing cotton rounds and Q-tips separately.

27. Hanging Toiletry Bags 

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Hanging toiletry bags with multiple compartments are awesome for makeup storage.

Hang them on a hook or towel rack to keep your products accessible and off the counter!

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28. Velcro Strips

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Attach Velcro strips to your walls or the inside of cabinets and use them to hold lightweight makeup items and accessories. It’s a cheap, quick, and easy DIY solution for small spaces.

29. Corner Shelves

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Those awkward unused spaces in your bathroom – utilise them by adding corner shelves.

You can use the shelves to store makeup products and… well, anything that fits!

30. Minimalist Makeup Tray

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Keep it simple and chic with a sleek makeup tray.

Opt for a divided tray to organize your everyday essentials like concealer, foundation, and power.

Categorizing Makeup to Simplify Your Routine

Now that your bathroom is clutter-free, how about making your life even easier? Categorization is key to any organized makeup space.

Grouping your makeup by type (face, eyes, lips, hair, etc.) might seem like a small step, but is a game changer.

Suppose you need a foundation in a hurry. Instead of rummaging through your entire makeup stash, you know exactly where to go because all your face products have a designated spot.

Categorizing Makeup to Simplify Your Routine

Need to do a quick smokey eye? Head straight to your designated eye shadow palettes and liners.

Categorizing makes your morning routine more streamlined. No more wasted time frantically searching for that perfect shade.

On the plus side, grouping similar products looks visually pleasing but also allows you to easily see what you have and what you might need to restock.

And you’re more likely to use all your products and avoid unnecessary purchases.

So, take a few minutes to categorize your makeup collection.

When you know exactly where everything is, you can focus on creating your flawless look instead of wasting time hunting for the items.

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Maintaining Your Organised Makeup Storage

Congrats on organizing your makeup! But you better keep it that way.

Maintaining your neat, tidy makeup storage doesn’t have to be a chore if you follow these easy-peasy maintenance tips:

Maintaining Your Organised Makeup Storage

Put It Back Where It Belongs

This might seem obvious, but it’s the golden rule.

After you’re done with your makeup, take a quick minute to return everything to its designated spot – a small habit that makes a big difference in keeping your space clutter-free.

Quick Daily Tidy-Up

Before you head out of the bathroom, spend a few minutes each day doing a quick scan.

Toss used cotton swabs, put makeup brushes back in their holder, and close any open products.

This “five-minute refresh” prevents small messes from snowballing into major clutter.

Declutter Every Few Months

Life changes, and so do your makeup preferences. Have a mini-declutter session every few months.

Get rid of expired products, toss anything you haven’t used in a while, and consider gifting unused items to a friend.

Deep Clean Occasionally

Just like your makeup brushes, your storage solutions need a little TLC sometimes.

Wipe down drawers, shelves, and containers with a damp cloth to keep them dust-free.

At the same time, consider rotating your products, too.

Sometimes, we forget about items we have they’re tucked away.

Rotating them ensures you use everything and keeps your routine fun and varied.

Reassess Your Storage Solutions

Lastly, if you find something isn’t working as well as you hoped, feel free to change it up!

As mentioned in the beginning, keeping your makeup organized is all about creating a system that works for you and sticking to it with a little daily effort.

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30 Brilliant Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom

Commonly Asked Questions

I love these storage ideas, but my bathroom is REALLY tiny! Any solutions!

Wall-mounted organizers, tiered shelves, and clear containers are your best pals. Maximise vertical space and utilise clear containers to keep things neat and see-through.

Hanging toiletry bags or over-the-door organizers are also perfect for small bathrooms.

Plus, consider using multi-purpose storage items like rolling carts.

What’s the best way to store makeup brushes?

Invest in a stylish brush holder or repurpose a mug or mason jar to keep them upright and dust-free. Remember to clean your brushes regularly with a gentle brush cleanser – clean brushes apply makeup better and last longer!

My bathroom doesn’t have a lot of natural light. How can I see my makeup clearly?

Opt for a mirror with built-in lights or a small vanity mirror with adjustable lighting.

It’ll help you apply your makeup flawlessly, even in a bathroom with limited natural light.

I love trying new makeup, but it feels overwhelming!

Just for a refresher, declutter regularly. Get rid of expired products you don’t use.

Store everyday essentials in easy-to-reach spots and keep newer items in a separate labeled container or drawer for occasional use.

This way, your daily routine stays smooth and fast, but you can still experiment with new products – all without overwhelming your precious bathroom space.

I live with roommates/family, and sharing bathroom space can be messy. Any tips?

Talk to your roommates about establishing designated storage areas for everyone’s makeup.

Clear containers with labels and drawer dividers can prevent mix-ups.

Add a small hanging organizer for daily shower essentials to minimize counter clutter.

A little organization goes a long way in a shared space.

Vanity Vault

Whew! We covered 30 amazing makeup storage ideas and solutions to transform your tiny bathroom into a cool, clutter-free vanity space.

No more morning battles with overflowing counters and drawers!

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences, so feel free to share in the comments below.

And if you’re looking to conquer clutter in every corner of your home, be sure to check out our other posts for more organization hacks and inspiration.

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