25 Wedding Favors / Gift Ideas for Guests That Go Beyond the Mint

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Planning a wedding? You lovebirds are probably knee-deep in guest lists, menus, and that never-ending search for the perfect details. After all, you want your big day to be amazing, not just for you, but for everyone celebrating with you.

While handing out wedding favors isn’t a must, those small tokens are a sweet gesture to thank your guests for sharing your special day. Sure, you could go the classic mint route, but why not surprise everyone with something more unique?

If you’re feeling a little stuck on ideas, no worries – we’re here to skip the ordinary and show you the 25 best wedding favors/gift ideas guaranteed to leave your guests delightful, and with a special memory of your celebration!

Introduction to Wedding Favors

Wedding favors – those cute little treats or trinkets you send your guests off with at the end of the wedding night. But where did this tradition come from, and more importantly, why do we still do it?

Wedding Favors

Buckle up, because wedding favors have a surprisingly long history!

Believe it or not, wedding favors have been around for centuries, with their roots grounded in Ancient Greek and Roman times.

In Greece, the bride and groom handed out Koufeta or sugared almonds to their guests. These weren’t just any almonds, though – they were symbols of fertility, longevity, and good fortune, setting the happy couple up for a prosperous future together.

Later, predominantly amongst the French aristocracy in the 16th century, guests would be presented “bonbonnières” – small crystal or porcelain trinket boxes filled with sugar cubes or exquisite confections, as sugar was still then a rare luxurious commodity, symbolising wealth and royalty.

As the tradition evolved, people began to offer all sorts of tokens, from candied fruits to rosemary sprigs – the latter supposedly to ward off evil spirits, no less (handy to have at a wedding!).

No longer limited to the elite, they became a staple at weddings of all kinds.

Fast forward to today, why do we still give wedding favors? Well, it’s a sweet way to say “thank you” to your loved ones for celebrating your special day.

It’s a little memento they can take home and keep as a reminder of the joy of your wedding. Plus, it’s a fun way to show off your personalities and tastes.

But really, wedding favors aren’t just about the gifts themselves; they’re all about showing appreciation.

It’s a small gesture that lets the people who came from near and far know how much their presence means to you as you embark on this new chapter together.

Wedding favors don’t have to be expensive or fussy, either.

In the following section, we’ll share some fantastic ideas that go beyond the usual box of mints, so you can find something that’s perfect for you and your guests!

25 Creative & Rustic Wedding Gifts/Favors for a Charming Celebration

best wedding favors for guests

Whether you’re going for creative, rustic, or something classy, these ideas will surely spark inspiration. Plus, we’ll keep your personality and budget in mind, because hey, planning a wedding is already enough work!

1. Homemade Cookies

Homemade Cookies

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Skip the bakery and bake some delicious homemade cookies as favors. Bonus point for super cute hand-drawn tags! It’s a creative and personal touch your guests will love.

hand-drawn tags | Price Labels Display Tags with String, Marking Strung Tags Writable Tags

hand-drawn tags

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2. Mini Succulents

Mini Succulents

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These low-maintenance plants are the perfect rustic favor – cute, affordable, and hard to kill! Pot them in coloured gravel or sand to match your wedding theme. Plus, they’ll be a lovely reminder of your special day.

Not sure where to get them? You can buy live succulents in bulk for cheap online.

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3. Mason Jar Goodies

Mason Jar Goodies

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Feeling crafty? DIY lovers can whip up homemade jams, marmalades, or even fun cocktails in classy mason jars for guests to enjoy later.

Not into food? Beauty fanatics can create bath salts or sugar scrubs and gift them in mason jars, perfect for post-wedding pampering… and potential hangovers. Definitely a charming way to thank your crew!

4. Miniature Candles

Miniature Candles

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Keep the love glowing long after the “I dos” with cute mini candles as favors. Choose travel-sized candles with custom matches to match (see what we did there) your particular wedding theme.

It’d be a thoughtful and practical keepsake that’ll remind everyone of your romance.

5. Handkerchiefs


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A beautiful, embroidered handkerchief is a classy, timeless souvenir to give away at weddings.

Whether guests use it to wipe away happy tears or sweat in the summer heat, it’ll be an elegant and practical token of appreciation.

6. Matchboxes


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Like candles, matchboxes are an adorable and affordable gift option!

They’re the perfect balance of cute and practical, and can be easily personalised with your wedding date and initials, or a sweet message like “The Perfect Match”.

7. Chinese Folding Fans

Chinese Folding Fans

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Getting hitched somewhere hot? These elegant folding fans are a literal lifesaver, and super Instagrammable for awesome destination weddings!

If feeling fancy, have a caligrapher write your guests’ names on them for an extra rustic touch.

8. Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn
Source: Southern Plate

Gift Wrap Boxes

Gift Wrap Boxes

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Sweeten the deal with delicious caramel corn favors. Package them in clear boxes to show off that scrumptious golden goodness – your guess will be thanking you twice!

9. Lip Balm Tins

Lip Balm Tins

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Wedding receptions are all about smooches! Keep everyone’s lips kissably smooth by giving out DIY or pre-packaged lip balm as return gifts.

Make a plain version for the guys and add a hint of colour for the ladies. And don’t forget to customise the tins with cute stickers!

10. Cocktail Kits

Cocktail Kits

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Want your guests to keep the party going after the last dance?

Send them home with all the ingredients they need to whip up their favorite Moscow Mule (or any other signature drink) in the comfort of their own homes!

11. Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

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Ditch the generic wrapper and give your chocolate bars a new look with custom illustrated labels.

Dark or milk chocolate, the choice is yours, but these sweet treats are sure to be a crowd-pleaser for all ages.

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12. Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

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These adorable heart-shaped tea bags are the perfect way to send your guests off on a sweet note. Each can come with a label saying “The Perfect Blend”, a cute tribute to your love story.

13. Mini Bubble Wands

Mini Bubble Wands

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Bubble exits are a classic wedding moment, and these heart-shaped bubble wands are the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to the occasion.

Plus, they’re a fun favor your guests will enjoy!

14. Premixed Cocktail Cans

Premixed Cocktail Cans

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Get the party started right with mini cocktail cans for each guest!

Whether you get creative and make your own signature mix or opt for pre-made options, these cans will add a pop of colour to your table settings.

15. Personalised Cork Coasters

Personalised Cork Coasters

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These rustic, affordable cork coasters are a fantastic way to give a personalised favor your guests will use.

You can even place them on each table setting, guaranteeing everyone gets one!

16. Wedding Playlist USB Drive

Wedding Playlist USB Drive

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Looking for a unique, sentimental return gift? Share the music that brought you together with custom USB flash drives (now that we’re way past the optical media era) containing your hand-curated wedding playlist.

You can customise each thumb drive with your names and wedding date, making it a treasured keepsake for your loved ones to relive the special moments of your big day.

17. Wedding Table Games

Wedding Table Games

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Favors that double as entertainment? We love it! These mini boxes filled with fun games like “I Spy” and “Most Likely To” are guaranteed to get your friends and family chuckling and bonding throughout the night over some friendly competition.

18. Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers

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Bottle openers are a household staple, meaning your guests will likely use this favor every week.

Each they pop open a drink, they’ll have a happy reminder of your celebration. A classic, practical choice!

19. Maple Syrup Flasks

Maple Syrup Flasks

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For a unique and delicious favor, serve maple syrup in beautiful decorative flasks.

Your guests will love the sweet treat and the keepsake flask long after the wedding.

20. Key Chains

Key Chains

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Keychains are another affordable, practical favor that lets your guests carry a little piece of your wedding day with them wherever they go.

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21. Honey Jar

Honey Jar

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Honeymoon vibes start here! If you’re looking for a sweet and edible gift for the attendees, honey jars are the answer. From morning oatmeal to soothing nighttime tea, this delicious treat will be enjoyed for months to come.

Put a personalised label on the mini honey jars featuring your names and a cute pun like “I found my honey” or “Meant to bee”. Tie a dainty ribbon around the jar and attach a tiny dipper for easy scoops and drizzling.

22. Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

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Planning a destination wedding?

Stylish luggage tags with a fun travel saying are the perfect favor for your jet-setting guests.

Skip the wedding info and opt for a more general message like “Adventure awaits” so they can use them on all their future trips!

23. Tiny Tote Bags

Tiny Tote Bags

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Fill these chic tote bags with fun finds or sweet treats that match your wedding theme, and display them on each table setting.

The options are endless – chocolates, mints, cocktail kits, hangover helpers, beauty products, lollies, and even tiny liquor bottles (for the adults, of course).

24. For the Kids

For the Kids

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Keeping the kiddos entertained is easy!

A pack of crayons (avoid markers as they can get messy), a clipboard with blank papers, and a pair of cool sunglasses on the kids’ table will keep them happy and busy throughout the celebration.

You can also buy them as complete sets!

25. Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks

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Everyone loves a good night’s sleep, especially after a long night of celebrating!

These silky smooth sleep masks are the perfect favor to send your guests off in ultimate comfort.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favor

Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favor

Picking out wedding favors can be super fun, but with so many options, it’s easy to get lost. Don’t worry, though! Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you find the perfect little thank-you gift for your amazing guests:

Match Your Vibe

First things first, consider the overall feel of your wedding. Is it a fancy ballroom affair or a laid-back beachside ceremony? Choose a favor that complements the overall feel of your big day.

Rustic mason jars filled with sweet goodies might be perfect for a casual country-wedding type celebration, while personalised champagne flutes or miniature candles in chic holders might be more fitting for a black-tie event.

Think About Your Guests

Will you have a mix of ages attending? Consider gifts that appeal to everyone. Delicious treats like cookies or caramel corn are always a hit, while practical items like bottle openers, keychains, coasters, or even sleep masks are always useful and appreciated.

That said, for edible items, if you have any guests with dietary restrictions, be sure to offer alternative options. Or have some non-edible options on hand just in case.

If you have a lot of kids attending, a small toy or activity kit could be a great idea alongside the adult favors.

Budget Matters

It’s easy to get carried away with all the cute and creative options out there, but you’ve got to stick to what you can afford.

Think DIY projects like seed packets, homemade lip balm, or flavoured sugar scrubs, or consider small potted succulents, which are easy to care for and surprisingly inexpensive when bought in bulk.

Presentation is Key

No matter what favor you choose, how you present it matters – because the presentation is the first impression your favor will make!

Simple touches like twine and kraft paper can add a rustic charm, while colourful ribbons and boxes bring a whimsical feeling. You could also display them on a table with a little sign that says “Thank you for celebrating with us!” or some other heartfelt message.

At the end of the day, a wedding favor is a sweet way to ensure your guests leave with a smile. Don’t stress too much about finding the absolute perfect thing – favors are a gesture, not an obligation. As long as it comes from the heart, any thoughtful gesture will be appreciated!

Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box

Feeling like favors just aren’t your thing? There are plenty of other ways to show your appreciation. Consider donating to a charity you and your partner care about in your guests’ names. It’s a thoughtful way to give back while celebrating your union and your loved ones will surely appreciate your generosity.

Another fun option is an experiential gift. This could be anything from a voucher for a local cooking class to a group activity like a brewery tour, bowling, or escape room adventure. This gives your guests a chance to create new memories together, all thanks to you!

If you want something a little more personal, photo sessions would be a great choice. Surprise your friends and family with a mini photo session with a professional photographer during the reception evening. They’ll go home with a lasting keepsake of your special day.

Alternatively, host a casual get-together a few weeks after the wedding. It’s a relaxed way to thank your loved ones again and relive the fun, all without the pressure and expense of a formal reception.

Sealing the Deal

That was a whirlwind of favour-ite ideas, wasn’t it? We hope this list of 25 wedding favor ideas sparked some inspiration to find the perfect thank-you gift for your awesome guests.

Whether you go for something creative, classy, or rustic, it’s on you to choose a favor that uniquely reflects your sacred union as a couple. The thought and care you put into these favors will surely be remembered for years to come. After all, it’s the little details that make your wedding extra special.

So, tell us – what are your favourite wedding favor ideas? Have you seen any creative favors at weddings you’ve attended? Let us know in the comments below, we love hearing from our readers!

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