35 Amazing Crafts to Make and Sell From Home

Ever dream of turning your hobby into a side hustle? Or maybe you’re dreaming of starting your own home-based business? Well, better late than never, because the market for handmade goods is booming forever!

Get ready to unleash your inner maker – there are tons of amazing crafts you can whip up from the comfort of your couch.

You can keep doing what you love doing the most, but it’ll also bring in some extra cash this time around.

Whether you’re a serial crafter or just getting started, here’s a list of 35 amazing crafts you can make and sell to get that income flowing while fueling your creativity.

Turn Your Hobby into Profit: 35 Top Crafts to Make and Sell

Crafts to Make and Sell

1. Friendship Bracelets

Credits: Sarah Stearns | Sarah Maker

These colourful woven bracelets never go out in style! Beads, string, and a little bit of time are all you need to make awesome friendship gifts that anyone would love to wear.

2. Painted Plant Pots

Credits: Crissy | First Day of Home

Take those plain terracotta pots from boring to blooming! Terracotta paints are your best pals here, and stencils or washi tape can help you create fun patterns or put inspirational quotes.

These are guaranteed to sell like hotcakes next door!

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3. Crocheted Dishcloths

Credits: Cheryl Bennett | Crochet 365 Knit Too

Who says practical can’t be pretty? Everyone needs dishcloths, and handmade ones are always in high demand. Plus, crocheting is a relaxing and relatively straightforward craft to learn!

4. Decoupage Coasters

Credits: Jessica | Cutesy Crafts

Transform plain coasters with colourful napkins, scrapbook paper, or even vintage photos! Decoupage glue makes it easy, and a coat of varnish seals the deal.

5. Hand-Painted Mugs

Credits: Lia Griffith

Hand-painted ceramic mugs with cute designs, funny quotes, and intricate patterns are perfect for giving someone’s morning coffee a personal touch.

Just make sure they’re dishwasher safe (use polyacrylic coat), so your artwork will last for years!

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6. Soy Candles

Credits: Lesly Junieth | Treehugger

These eco-friendly candles are a hot commodity (pun intended!). It’s easier than you think, and you can customise them with amazing scents and essential oils for unique fragrances.

7. Upcycled Denim Totes

Credits: Victoria | La Creative Mama

Breathe new life into old jeans! Cut them up, sew them together, and create stylish tote bags for everyday errands or grocery runs.

8. Decorative Bookmarks

Credits: Lovely Indeed

Never lose your place again with a beautiful handmade bookmark. Use colourful paper, ribbons, or even dried flowers to create unique designs!

9. Customised Phone Cases

Credits: Abbi Kirsten Collections

Expand your small commissioned art business by making one-of-a-kind phone cases! You can use paint, markers, or decoupage to jazz up a boring old phone case to reflect your customers’ preferences!

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10. Dehydrated Fruit Leathers

Credits: Brendon + Kira Hak from Adventure Haks | Fresh Off The Grid

Everybody loves some fruit leather! These healthy and delicious snacks are a great alternative to store-bought candy and are ideal for packing in lunches.

11. Soap Bars

Credits: Lovely Greens

Craft gorgeous, all-natural soap bars with customisable scents, natural colourants, and unique designs. These luxurious bars make fantastic gifts and self-care pampering essentials.

12. Macrame Plant Hangers

Credits: Alexis Middleton | Persia Lou

Macrame is back in a big way! With some cotton cord and a few basic knots, you can create beautiful, trendy boho-chic hangers for everyone’s favourite greenery.

13. Customised T-Shirts

Credits: Baiba Blain | Printify

Put your design skills to work by creating unique, eye-catching T-shirts. Whether it’s funky graphics, witty slogans, or personalised prints, folks love wearing something that stands out.

14. Decorated Sugar Cookies

Credits: Dotdash Meredith Food Studios | Allrecipes

It’d be hard to resist a delicious and adorable sugar cookie. Get creative with cookie cutters, frosting colours, and sprinkles to make delectable treats as stunning as they’re tasty.

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15. Polymer Clay Earrings

Credits: Treasurie

Lightweight and endlessly customisable, polymer clay earrings are all the rage nowadays. Experiment with different shapes, colours, and designs to create unique statement pieces that’ll go out of stock in hours!

16. Throw Pillows

Credits: Emma Chapman | A Beautiful Mess

Make them flashy enough, and those handmade throw pillows are ready to spruce up any couch! They’re a great way to add personality to any living space, and you can use tons of fabric and patterns to match various decors.

17. Vintage Book Boxes

Credits: Diana | The Graphics Fairy

Turn old hardcover books into exquisite storage containers! This is an awesome way to upcycle unwanted books and sell those to anyone looking to add vintage charm to their living room decor.

18. Dog Bandanas

Credits: Jenn | Clean & Scentsible

Our furry companions deserve some flair too! Sew up adorable bandanas for pups (and kitties) using fun fabrics and bandana patterns.

You can also personalize them with a pet’s name on customers’ requests.

19. Scented Sachets

Credits: WePack

Fill small fabric pouches with fragrant dried herbs and flowers to create lovely potpourri sachets. These little scent bundles are perfect for drawers, wardrobes, and cars.

20. Hand-Painted Wine Glasses  

Credits: Greg | The Navage Patch

Make a memorable souvenir or party favor with hand-painted wine glasses. They make great gifts for birthdays, bridal showers, or just because.

21. Wire Rings

Credits: Madelynn | Studio 73 Designs

Bend and twist wire into beautiful shapes and add beads or gemstones for extra flair. With endless design possibilities, your handmade rings will be a hit with anyone looking for unique fashion accessories.

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22. Wooden Keychains

Credits: Ashley | The Handmade Home

Wood is a versatile material perfect for creating personalized keychains. Engrave them with initials, symbols, or even fun shapes – your charming keychains will complement any set of keys.

23. Mini Handwarmers

Credits: Rae Ann Kelly

Keep those fingers toasty during chilly weather with hand-sewn mini hand warmers. Fill them with rice or dried beans and add a cute fabric cover for an adorable, pocket-sized gift.

24. Scented Bath Salts

Credits: Eva Kosmas Flores | Adventures in Cooking

Help your friends and family create a spa-like experience at home with handmade bath salts – infused with soothing scents, essential oils, and skin-nourishing ingredients for a relaxing bath.

25. Pom Pom Garland

Credits: Amy | DIY Candy

Liven up any space with a cheerful pom-pom garland. Bright and colorful or soft and subtle, these fluffy decorations are surprisingly easy to make, come in all sorts of colors and sizes, and, most importantly, are in high demand at all times!

26. Decorative Stationery Sets

Credits: Lindsey Bugbee | The Postman’s Knock

Handmade stationery sets are the hottest craft! You can create beautiful designs using stamps, acrylic, watercolor paints, or even calligraphy!

27. Scrunchie Holders

Credits: Mikyla Creates

Whether it’s a cute fabric-covered hoop or a wall-mounted organizer, these scrunchie holders are awesome for keeping hair ties organized, and in style! Sew colorful fabric pouches or use recycled materials like tins or jars.

28. Welcome Doormat

Credits: Sarah | She Holds Dearly

Give guests a warm welcome with your personalized welcome doormats. From cheeky greetings to custom designs, your doormats will make a stylish statement before guests even step inside!

29. Clay Leaf Dishes

Credits: Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Capture the natural beauty with handcrafted clay leaf dishes. Press real leaves into clay to create unique molds, then bake and paint your creations to perfection. They’re great for holding keys, jewelry, trinkets, etc.

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30. Fired Alcohol Ink Art

Credits: Allison Murray | Dream a Little Bigger

Use alcohol inks to create mesmerizing patterns on ceramic tiles or mugs. Fire the finished product in a home oven for a permanent, stunning art piece that’ll add a pop of elegance to any space!

31. Knitted Hats & Scarves

Credits: Norman | Nimble Needles

Cosy up in style with handcrafted hats and scarves. They’re perfect for winter markets or just keeping yourself warm during the chilly months!

32. Hand-Stamped Jewellery

Credits: Laura Gummerman | A Beautiful Mess

Personalised jewellery is always a hit! Craft beautiful necklaces, bracelets, or earrings by stamping metal blanks with initials, names, inspirational quotes, or even tiny symbols for a one-of-a-kind piece. It’s a thoughtful and unique craft that also sells quite well.

33. Embroidered Patches

Credits: Mollie Johanson | The Spruce Crafts

Patches are a fun way to personalise clothing, bags, hats, etc. Learn some basic embroidery stitches and create your own unique designs to promote on Etsy!

34. Embossed Leather Journal

Credits: Jennifer Maker

Craft exquisite leather journals with embossed designs that capture the imagination. You can use leather stamps or stencils to create intricate designs and lettering.

Ideal for writers, poets, artists, or anyone who likes jotting down their thoughts, your journals will be cherished keepsakes for years to come.

35. Digital Art Prints

Credits: Gelato

For those artistically inclined but reluctant to deal with physical products, downloadable digital art prints are the way to go. People can use them for home decor, greeting cards, or phone wallpapers.

Sell Your Skills (or Cookies!)

So, that’s all for today, crafty friends! 35 amazing crafts you can make at home and sell on your Etsy shop or local craft fair booth.

These ideas should be enough to ignite your inner creative soul and maybe even turn your hobby into a side hustle.

Now, the hardest part – picking which one to try first! Are you all about the bling and ready to make some dazzling jewellery? Maybe you’ll become the neighbourhood’s go-to source for funky plant hangers, or perhaps you dream of filling homes with the sweet scent of your handmade candles? We wanna hear about it!

Or better yet, if you’ve already got a killer craft you’re selling, don’t be shy – drop the links below! We’d love to see what brilliant creations you’re coming up with.

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