25 Clever Hacks to Organize Small Things for Good (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Ever find yourself tripping over thumbtacks and wrestling with tangled cords? Keys vanish into thin air, craft supplies mutiny in drawers… and what happened to that phone charger again?

If you’re tired of digging through piles of clutter just to find that one tiny thing you need, there’s no need to anymore because we’ve got some nifty tricks up our sleeve!

From wrangling stubborn cables to taming the chaos in your junk drawer, here are 25 ways to organize small things, all without blowing your budget.

25 Cheap & Easy Organisation Tips for Small Items in Your Home

 Organize Small Things

1. Ice Cube Trays for Jewellery

Credits: Style Degree

Got a whole bunch of earrings and rings scattered all over your dresser?

Use ice cube trays to neatly separate and store your jewellery. Each compartment is perfect for holding a pair of earrings or a ring or two, keeping everything tidy.

2. Egg Cartons for Crafts Supplies

Credits: Cassidy Garcia | HGTV

Don’t toss out those empty egg cartons yet!

They make excellent organizers for small craft supplies like buttons, beads, sequins, and sewing items.

Plus, you can easily customize them by painting or labeling each compartment.

3. Plastic Bottles for Storage

Credits: Ekhaya Home

Cut up plastic bottles to create handy pockets for storing magazines, cleaning supplies, pens and pencils, or even toys in the bathtub!

4. Ziploc Bags for Travel Essentials

Credits: Katie Berry | Housewife How-Tos

Streamline your packing process by using Ziploc bags to organize your travel essentials. Separate chargers, toiletries, and other small items into individual bags to keep your suitcase neat throughout your trip.

5. Altoid Tins for First Aid Kit

Credits: nnygamer | Instructables

Keep your first aid supplies organized and portable by repurposing Altoid tins.

Fill one with bandages, antiseptic wipes, and other medical essentials, and stash it in your bedside drawer, car, or backpack for emergencies.

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6. CD Rack for Tupperware Lids

Credits: Better Homes & Gardens

Are you tired of digging through a messy pile of Tupperware lids every time you need one? Dust that old CD rack out of your storeroom and use it to nearly organize those lids vertically. It’ll save you time and frustration when packing up leftovers!

7. Magnetic Strips for Bobby Pins

Credits: Hey Paul Studios @ Flickr

Stop losing bobby pins in the depths of your bathroom drawers! Place them conveniently on magnetic strips.

Attach the strips to the inside of a cabinet door or drawer or even next to your bathroom mirror, and never search for a bobby pin again.

8. Colander for Fruits & Veggies

Source: Amazon

Colanders aren’t just for pasta. Hang a decorative one on the wall to hold fruits and vegetables, or use a smaller one to organize craft supplies on your workbench.

9. Mason Jars for Bathroom Storage

Credits: Linda | Mason Jar Crafts

Give your bathroom a stylish makeover while keeping it organized with mason jars.

Use them to store cotton balls, Q-tips, and bath bombs, among other things, and arrange them on a tray or shelf for a chic, clutter-free appearance.

10. Shower Caddy for Kitchen

Credits: Julie Shearer @ Pinterest

Hang a shower caddy over a cabinet door (or wherever you can) to store condiments, spices, small containers of dry staples, kitchen cleaning supplies, or anything else that needs to be easily within your hand’s reach.

11. Pool Noodles for Drawers

Credits: Jenny Stanley | Family Handyman

A drawer organizer is a must-have for keeping smaller items organized. But if yours doesn’t fit perfectly inside the drawer, it’ll shift whenever you open or close it.

Cut a pool noodle (measure how much to cut first) and place the piece in the gap. It’ll keep the organizer snugly in place.

This is a great hack only when you need to fill a space that isn’t visible. Otherwise, try filling the area with other essentials.

12. PVC Pipe for Holders

Credits: Amber Oliver

Cut PVC pipes into different lengths to create organizers for pens, makeup brushes, or even seedlings for your urban jungle.

You can also mount them on the inside of a cabinet door to create convenient holders for your grooming accessories or hair styling tools.

13. Clothespins for Scrap Yarn

Credits: SparkleKnit

Got leftover bits of yarn cluttering up your craft space? Grab some clothespins!

Simply wrap your scrap yarn around a clothespin to keep it tidy and tangle-free until you’re ready to use it again for your next knitting or crochet project.

14. Mint Containers for Pills

Credits: u/ReesieDaBeastie @ Reddit

Repurpose those empty mint containers into portable pill organizers.

Clean them thoroughly, use some cardstock for dividers, and then use each compartment to store a daily dose of medication or vitamins.

Compact and lightweight, these DIY pill organizers are ideal for travel or keeping in your purse or backpack for on-the-go convenience!

15. Jar Lids for Under-Shelf Storage

Credits: Live Simply Method by Annie

Maximise the vertical space in your wooden shelves with this handy hack! Simply screw jar lids onto the underside of your shelves, spacing them evenly apart.

Then, fill the jars with small items like nails, screws, buttons, beads, or keycaps, and twist them onto their corresponding lids.

16. Cookie Jar for Laundry Pods

Credits: Raya Sunshine Keepsake @ Etsy

Cookie jar might just have a hidden talent – laundry pod storage! It’s a great way to keep them out of reach of curious kiddos (and maybe even forget adults!).

Plus, with a clear jar, you can easily see when it’s time to restock your supply.

Caution: A standard cookie jar might not be completely opaque, so label it clearly to avoid mix-ups with actual cookies. Opt for a ceramic jar for extra child safety, and choose one with a secure lid to keep those pods contained.

17. Binder Rings for Scarfs

Credits: Homeroad

Ditch the tangled mess of scarves in your closet by hanging them on binder rings. Simply loop each scarf through a ring and hang them on a hanger for a clutter-free wardrobe!

18. Tension Rods for Pot Lids

Credits: iHeart Organizing

Free up cabinet space and keep all your pot lids in one place with tension rods.

Simply install one vertically in a cabinet, and stand your lids between the rod for easy access.

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19. Shoe Organizer for Cleaning Supplies

Credits: u/icametodropbombs @ Reddit

Utilise that wasted vertical space in your closet or pantry by hanging a shoe organizer on the door to store cleaning supplies.

From spray bottles to liquid detergent to sponges, everything will be within arm’s reach, neatly sorted.

20. Tackle Box for Make-up Accessories

Source: r/MakeupAddiction @ Reddit

Keep your make-up collection in check with a tackle box! With its many compartments and trays, it’s ideal for organising everything from eyeshadow palettes to lipstick and everything in between.

Plus, it’s portable, so you can stash it under the bed or table after readying up for the party.

21. Muffin Cups for Office Supplies

Credits: Dana | Tattered Style

Don’t throw those leftover muffin cups after your next baking spree!

They do for surprisingly versatile organizers for small office supplies. Use them to hold paper clips, pushpins, rubber bands, or binder clips.

Muffin cups are inexpensive and readily available, making this an affordable organisation hack that won’t break the bank.

22. Binder Pockets for Recipe Cards

Source: Amazon

No more rummaging through a recipe box – utilise those handy binder pockets to organize your recipe collection! Slide your recipe cards into clear pockets within a three-ring binder, protected from spills and splatters in the kitchen.

You can easily flip through your recipes without them getting dog-eared or messy.

Add labelled divider sheets to separate different cuisines or course types.

23. Cardboard Rolls for Holders

Credits: Karen Kavett

Cardboard rolls from toilet paper or paper towels have a million uses! Wrap them in fabric for stylish pen holders, or cut them into coasters.

24. Shoe Boxes for Drawer Dividers

Credits: Camila Rojas | The Crafting Nook

Those shoe boxes can be repurposed as drawer dividers to keep your belongings organized.

Decorate them with fabric or paint for a personal touch, and use them to separate clothes, utensils, or anything else that needs compartmentalizing within your drawers.

For deeper drawers, you can use two shoeboxes side-by-side to create even more storage space!

25. Carabiner for Hair Ties

Credits: hippie-hugger.blogspot.com

Keep your hair ties from disappearing into the black hole of your purse or backpack by using a carabiner to keep them all together.

Simply thread your hair ties onto a carabiner and clip it onto your bag or keychain. No more frantic searches for a rogue hair tie when you need to tame your mane!

Peace Out, Pile-Ups!

And there you have it! With these 25 clever hacks, you’re well on your way to becoming a small-stuff-organising superhero.

And none of these hacks require an Avengers’ or Batcave budget! Most of them use everyday items you probably already have around the house.

A little bit of organisation goes a long way. You might even be surprised at how much calmer and more peaceful your space feels when everything has its own designated spot.

What’s your favourite way to organize the little things in your life? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

We’d love to hear from you, and who knows, your brilliant idea might be just what someone else needs to fight their own clutter chaos!

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